The 'WW - H Method' of article writing explained

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Here's a method I developed for writing articles which combines principle I've read from different places.

I call it the WW-H Method.

Here's the principles behind the method:

1) do not give all the information in the actual article

2) the resource box should be about the reader and not the writer

3) give a benefit in the resource box to get the click or email

Here's the method:

1) Find a problem that people want to solve.

2) In the article tell what (W) they have to do to solve the problem. This builds credibility for you as you show you have knowledge.

3) Also explain in the article why (W) they have to do what you have told them to and the benefits they'll get by doing it. This further builds credibility, but also builds desire to actually do it to get the benefits.

4) In the resource box offer to give them the how (H) to do it. Make the resource box flow from the article and appear to be like the final paragraph. along the lines of:

So there it is - do ABC and get DEF benefits. If you would like (to learn the quickest way of doing this / a tool that will do it for you / use a service that will do it for you), then visit XYZ site.

In summary, give the what to do and why in the article to create desire and credibility and offer the how to do it in the resource box.
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    Hi Muhammed

    I like it. A good and joyfully short explanation of article writing.
    Basically do not give the whole story away in the article so that the click is required to get all the info.


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    Muhammed, thanks for the post. The method is very logical and your explanation of the what, why and how very clear.
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        Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

        Interesting approach, Muhammad. I respectfully suggest that you don't try it at EzineArticles, though, as they go to quite some lengths in their terms and conditions to clarify that they'll reject articles which are obviously marketing-oriented with the benefit only available by clicking on a link in the resource-box!
        Thanks for pointing this out.

        Here is the actual terms abnd condition from

        Your article body MUST deliver on what is promised in the title. We do not accept teaser links or phrases that require a reader to click away from the article or reference another source in order to receive the full benefit of what has been promised.

        If the method I describes is against the TOS of any web site then do not use the method.

        You should always follow the TOS of any web site.
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