Would you register a LLC?

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I'm a non-USA resident and I see there's an option to register a LLC. Do you think it would be smart doing so? What are the benefits?
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    I am not real current on this but my advice is to look into it carefully and decide what your individual needs are.

    At the time I was doing it, the supposed benefits were that you would have some of the liability protection afforded to companies. However, virtually none of the case law had been written, so it was unclear whether those protections would hold up in court.

    In my case, it would have been just as well to skip it. Looks good on a card though.
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    If you are just doing affiliate marketing I don't really see any reason to do it. If you are starting a real eCommerce business then it could be beneficial or even necessary.
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    I don't see much benefit, unless you are losing about $100 or more a month in banking and currency costs.
    It would cost a U.S. resident about $500 that to set up and maintain annually, perhaps more for a non-resident initially.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    Originally Posted by Aouragh View Post

    I'm a non-USA resident and I see there's an option to register a LLC. Do you think it would be smart doing so? What are the benefits?
    I would ignore everything that's been written before this post or
    anything that will be written after this post.

    Then I would make it a priority to seek competent professional advice.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      I don't know much about IM, but I suspect if that is all you are doing is IM, you probably don't need it. However, I'd like to throw some stuff out there for anyone who might come across this thread with the same question in mind.

      Now, as was just pointed out, this is not professional advice, so you should probably just ignore it.

      But if you are still reading... If you plan to move on to any other type of business, you may want to consider some form of incorporation (a tax professional will be able to best advise you on which type.) And not because of legal protection (far too much case law already states that "There is no veil of corporate protection available to the single-member LLC.")

      However, more importantly, there is probably not one legitimate manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler that will even talk about selling merchandise to anyone who cannot produce a tax ID and a reseller license. This means getting cut out of 99% of legitimate business opportunities, restricted access to trade shows and limited options for sourcing.

      Oh yeah, any "Wholesaler" or Wholesale" website that shows you prices or offers to do business with you before verifying your tax ID, etc., is probably not a real wholesaler, but rather a middle man.

      Just a few reasons why an LLC (or other type of incorporation) might be worth discussing with a tax professional.
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        In your case I would definitely get some professional advice. It would pay off for you in the long run.

        I'm thinking about starting an LLC soon since I'm earning money in various ways and have hit that roughly $1k a month mark. I'd like to have all my endeavors under one name financially and professionally and all that. Plus I feel like having one would be easier to explain running my own business rather than having to explain internet marketing to people. Oh, such shallow reason, so I'll probably wait a while still.
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    It's like LLC has become some kind of buzz word... lol

    There are many different types of entities one can use
    to do business. That's why you need professional advice.

    Most will likely find that an LLC isn't at all appropriate for
    what they're doing.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      Originally Posted by Tsnyder View Post

      It's like LLC has become some kind of buzz word... lol
      It's not the word itself, but rather the fact that they give out a new car when you go with the LLC option, but you're only looking a at new blender at best when you go with the standard Corp. option. And you don't even want to know what the S-Corp. folks get...

      Okay, seriously, I think LLC is more of a generic term that represents some sort of invisible line between where someone thinks they are and true success. Now, I didn't take that personally (as I fully support your position) but I would like to make my position clear for others that read this thread three months from now (in the hopes that they won't consider the move until they seek professional advice.)

      I went with LLC based on the advice of my wife's uncle (a tax attorney.) At that time, it was because of the tax laws in Ohio more than anything else. Now, as I am trying to stretch my arms across the ocean, I need it for other reasons. But every post I make on here is often written with the suggestion of seeking professional advice, whether investigating a corporate structure or simply finding a mentor for people wanting to operate in a field they know little about.

      As I (also) often state, I know all-too-well the price of just running off after things with the belief that I am "well-informed" because I read it on the internet. I always advocate seeking professional advice these days.
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    Definitely consult with either a lawyer or attorney because they are best qualified to help you.

    There are pros and cons of doing it, but you should be seeking this information from a qualified individual.

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