Payment Buttons - Start Or End Of Document

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Just a quick question.

Has anyone tested whether putting payment buttons
works better at the start or at the end of a viral pdf
document? Or both start and end?
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    I'd say both. Or even intersperse them in the PDF, but not too many times if you don't want to piss people off.

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      Both works best...

      You definitely need one at the end... A lot of people get bored/excited (dont know which!) and scroll to the bottom once they have read a certain amount to find the payment button.

      That said, if you can capture them at the point that they are getting excited, read enough are convinced and ready to buy, putting a button nearer the top will save them scrolling!

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      Originally Posted by karolk View Post

      I'd say both. Or even intersperse them in the PDF, but not too many times if you don't want to piss people off.
      Yeah, I wouldn't put too many of them...1-2 would be fine.

      But of course, you would want to put them in after just enough content (good sales copy, of course).

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    I think both are best but put your first button not on the top put it after 2 or 3 paragraph when you think that you provide much info about your product that convinced the visitor to looking for "BUY" button.
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    depending on the length of the document. If is a long sales letter pdf, at least 3 times throughout the document.
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      Here's a great breakdown on what makes a high converting sales page, including CTA frequency and style.

      The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

      Below is a snippet from copyblogger that was pretty good....

      full article here

      6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons

      1. Entertain the lizard brain

      Here, here and in the must-read Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain, we learn that the amygdala — aka our “lizard brain” — is the part of our brain that has been around for 450 million years and still powers our actions:

      The old brain is a primitive organ, a direct result of the basic evolutionary process. It is our ‘fight or flight’ brain — our survival brain — and is also called the reptilian brain because it is still present in reptiles today.
      ~ Renvoise & Morin, 2007

      Part of our survival instinct is the tendency to notice differences in our environment. We’re hard-wired to.

      Valid reasoning and the written word haven’t had even a fraction of the time necessary to be part of an ‘instinctive’ response in us. For this reason, we need to rely on more than “If X, then Y” reasoning and written messages to make a sale or get a signup.

      This article will explain buttons

      I feel like the principles would be relatively the same for viral .pdf (didn't see that was what you were referring to at first, but again I feel same principles would apply)
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    I'd agree that yes both, the beginning and end would be enough.
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    Some good ideas there.

    It seems the longer the document, the better
    the idea to have more than one payment button.
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