I am getting scamed (ebay)

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okay so I applied for a "job offer" on gum tree. Long story short, they wanted someone with a good ebay feedback account and a verified paypal.

In this case they want me to sell "expensive watches" using my ebay account and my paypal. I then send them the money and they in turn send the watches. I get a 10% cut, on average I will make $100 per sale.

This doesn't make much sense.

email read

We need collaborators to post items on eBay and our question is:
Do you have an ID on eBay with feedback ?
Do you own a verified PayPal account ?

if you meet these 2 requirements we will be able to collaborate
We will pay you when the auction ends. There are 2 possibilities:

1. If the item is sold:

2. If the item doesn't sell:
YOU RECEIVE $100 + eBay POSTING FEES (I'm sure that the item will sell )

Maybe you wonder, why not sell our products ourselves ? We wanted to start an eBay account but we read on ebay's community pages that sellers with 0 feedback do not have the same unlimited reach as others feedback.
I have given them no details and have not posted anything on ebay yet, but I cant see where the scam comes in?? Im hoping one of you guys know more...
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    Well if these watches are fake (which is quite likely) then you will be the one getting in trouble for it. They might have already been banned from ebay before and therefore cannot sell them themselves. It's very easy to build feedback so it sounds a bit suspicious...
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    It seems to me that they are banned from Ebay and Paypal and want to jeopardize someone else's account. In addition, if they don't send you the money, you are screwed. I wouldn't touch this with a 10-ft pole.
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    They want a good verified email account and paypal.

    Sounds like they have neither. Which then begs the question why? My gut feel is it's a scam.

    I suspect the watches will be cheap fakes. You will sell them thinking they are real. (that's if they even deliver the watches).
    The money will go into your paypal. You will forward it on to them and they will deliver the goods. At which point the buyer is going to report being scammed. The money will be taken back from your paypal and your reputation will be in the toilet.

    Additionally, be wary of following any link they provided. There was another case on gumtree where they advertised fake jobs. You would be sent to an application form where malware was downloaded on to your pc so they captured your personal information which was then used to rip you off. (the guys doing that were caught and jailed, but be cautious).
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      This has SCAM written all over it!

      A friend wanted me to sell his $1,000 through my Ebay account. He knew my Ebay account has over 700 positive feedback, and figured that it would sell quickly.

      I told him no. If I know my buddy correctly, he would have spent that $1,000 immediately. If the customer wasn't happy with the item and wanted to return it a week or two later, I would be responsible for that $1,000.

      Don't do it! You will regret it!
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    The watches are likely knockoffs. NEVER hold your eBay account out for anyone else because once you do you lose control.
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