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Ever since I thought about giving websites/blogs a try after deciding to write for myself rather than others, I have been reading huge amount of various types of strategies that one should implement for a 'successful' website. And I have been doing just that...reading, purchasing books/courses and not doing anything else with the information. I had taken out a two-year hosting plan at hostgator and it was automatically renewed earlier this week with not even a single file being uploaded on the account. Finally decided to sit down and do something about what I had learnt rather than go after the next sureshot course. But the problem is that I have read so much, I am struggling to decide what is the right way to go forward. After trying to sort my mind out I came up with two plans...but I am not sure whether or not they are workable practically.

First to create a mini authority site of 15-20 pages of content. This would be purely for affiliate marketing. Rather than a product, choose a topic (in the health niche) that I may be interested in, build up content and then choose a product/products to be market. Second create a blog on a topic that I am a bit passionate about...tech or sport (as in soccer). For the first site follow the seo strategy as suggested by either forever affiliate or affiliorama (bought both the courses). This will be a long term plan as the site will rely completely on SE traffic and links will have to be built slowly in order to avoid being penalized by Google. For the blog forget about Google and concentrate on pure marketing. This means social bookmarking (Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon), forum commenting, blog commenting, guest posting, social media etc. I believe I can afford to be a bit aggressive here as there is no Google to worry about. Also try to include ways to ensure that the blog would be eligible for Google news as well so that there will be an additional source of traffic.

Does this seem a sensible plan or should I simply shell out more money and get someone to help me out? Of course it will require lots of hardwork and a good slice of luck as well but I am willing to do the work if there is a possibility that what I am doing may work out in the end.
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    it is good to learn but i owuld try someone like seo hamster that will create authority site and help rank it very cheap.
    also, go to websites for sale in this forum and check out blogs for sale:
    use your time wisely and learn keyword research or learn how to out source it.
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      I love the idea of the micro site. My best advice is to simply START. The more you research, study, and buy info products, the more it will pull you in different directions. It sounds like you have researched enough to get going. Jump in the water already! I just sent you and PM. Best of luck to you!
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        Seriously, just pick something and go. If you have the money to outsource the website to someone else, do that. You've already researched so much and bought several courses... do you really think that you'll take action on the next course you buy when you still haven't taken action on the last few? You may be suffering from information overload. Just take some action.
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      Good for you for taking action and getting something going. Even if you do nothing else but what you have laid out, you will be on your way. Next steps will arise. Your plan may take a while to monetize but you will have a solid framework, seems to me.
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    Build something of quality where money is being spent or people are interested in. Try to have a unique voice or take. They money will will follow.
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    Pick 1 idea.

    Get started today.

    Don't lose focus.

    Simplistic but solid rules to begin with, good luck.
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    yup, like the others said. i like how you put a lot of thought into this and you're taking action. just focus and you'll make it
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    Planning is great but you must implement everything you read and plan.

    Take action. If you read a lot , research a lot it will only freeze you until you not done anything but procrastinate.

    I'm sure you can do it. Make 2014 a fruitful one for your family.

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    You did nothing for 2 years?

    You wasted a lot of time and money. Just imagine if you had taken the time to write a 1000 words – at least every 5 days – what a huge site you would have had by this time.

    It is time you took action – start writing content and start sharing it on Facebook. Do some blog commenting too to get backlinks.

    Things take time to work out – that is the way IM is. But if you are consistent, you will see the fruits of your actions.

    All the best. Regards.

    Ricardo Furtado

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