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by Yogini
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I was noticing when I looked at some kindle books on Amazon's site that some will have a section next to customer reviews at top (near the graph of stars) where there are quotes such as "This book is easy to understand..." and it will say 7 reviewers made a similar statement.. Is this something that is inserted by the author or is it done by Amazon?

Some books also have editorial reviews at the top, before the customer reviews. Is that something inserted by the author? It is above the product details and are quotes with a name after them.

Many books don't have either of these areas so I was curious about this.

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    Debbie --

    The similar comments is part if Amazon's algorithm. I've heard a number of theories on when this shows up, but a book has to be in the marketplace for a few weeks and get some reviews before Amazon will post it.

    For the editorial reviews, that's something you can add through Author Central. AC is useful for some things, but don't use it to change your books description because they won't let Lu use the H2 tag which gives that nice "Amazon Orange" header.

    - Steve
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    This is most likely pulled from material the author sets up in Amazon's "Author Central". I know Author Central has a section where the author can enter customer reviews.

    LOL you beat me to it Steve . . .
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