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by msimz
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I'm new to Affiliate Marketing and I am looking for some advice - when choosing offers to advertise I am thinking that I should get a website up and running in order to create Landing Pages for the offers I promote and/or create iframed pages to directly promote the offers from my site.

For example: - this would be a landing page for the offer or perhaps the offer iframed.

My question is whether or not this is the proper way to approach this or am I missing the mark? Also, I am having a difficult time deciding on a domain name. Is it a good idea to have a domain name like the one above and have all the offers I promote under that specific domain name?
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    Not 100% sure I understand the question, BUT-

    You are talking about 'iframing' and I think you are going way beyond what you even need to be thinking about this point.

    Do you want to get a site up that you can have separate landing pages on that you can promote a variety of offers?

    YES. Pre-selling and Pre-framing your prospects is one of the most powerful ways to sell, period.

    What should your domain be/ should it be something that is all-encompassing?

    If you are trying to get a domain right out of the gate that you can fit 'everything' into, you are starting off on the wrong foot.

    Pick a niche you want to work with. ONE niche. Not 2, not 5, not 10, ONE.

    Pick a domain that is relevant to the types of offers in that niche.

    If you are trying to concentrate on too many niches at this point, that is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!

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      Thanks for the quick response Alex..

      So let's say I decided to pick the health/wellness niche - I should pick a domain relevant to the offers within that specific niche for example - (something along those lines)

      Also, should I be creating my own content (e.g. articles, reviews) on that site as well or should I have it strictly for Landing Pages and iFraming offers from the CPA Networks I am a member of?
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        Not a problem!

        I'm really not sure why you keep talking about iFraming. Forget about that. Did you pick that up from Trustjacker or something?

        You don't need to iFrame anything.

        You are right on with your domain idea. If you want to promote the health and wellness niche, a domain similar to what you are suggesting could work great.

        I might even argue, however, that 'health and wellness' in and of itself is simply too large of a market to try and tackle right away. In addition, who are your prospects going to be? Health and Wellness for Whom?

        Remember this very important point: If you are trying to sell to everyone, you are in actuality selling to no one.

        A quick visit over to Amazon reveals just the surface of how deep of a topic 'Health and wellness' really is!

        Take a look:

        Diapers & Wipes
        Health Care
        Bath Care
        Shop All
        Cold & Flu
        Allergy, Sinus & Asthma
        Active & Healthy Living
        Mobility Aids
        Pain Relief
        Shop All
        Paper & Plastic
        Household Cleaning
        Shop All
        Weight Loss
        Herbal Supplements
        Sports Nutrition
        Shop All
        Shaving & Hair Removal
        Oral Care
        Feminine Care
        Deodorants & Antiperspirants
        Shop All
        Adult Toys
        Safer Sex
        Bondage Gear
        Lotions & Lubricants
        Sex Furniture
        Shop All

        And that is just the start!

        I would say to pick a specific subset of Health and Wellness, and then choose your target audience. After that, then choose a relevant domain.

        You other question, about should you create your own content?

        Sure, it can't hurt. If you are talking about creating an info product in the health niche right out of the gate, I would advise against that. Probably much faster (and easier) to start as an affiliate and go from there.

        Remember also, to start building up your list right away!

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          Thanks again Alex - great help!
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