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Hey Warriors,

I want to ask a question. Is it possible for someone like me to make $1k at the end of march?

It may seem like a vague question but here's my story - I provide Freelance Writing services. I have been Freelancing Casually for 2 years and launched my website at the end of December 2013 (If that info helps). I'm currently a college student and I have a lot of time to spend on my Website but not much enough money to invest on it more (except, of course whenever I'm paid for my writing :p ) I launched my site because I was heavily inspired by Onibalusi Bamidele's Blogging challenge where he landed a $1k paying client through Guest Blogging within 2 months; which was really cool because the brand he used barely had any credibility to it. I was then brought here by a person I guest posted on, JRJWrites.

As much as time, I have enough time in the world (except classes) to spend on researching about the Freelance Writing industry, Making money online, and Internet Marketing. I'm also pretty good at organizing my time. I made around $80 on January, and $60 this February. It may seem like I'm bragging but I'm not. It's great that I did land paying clients but I wanted to know a more consistent way of getting clients that stay. I only got these clients by working my butt off every waking hour that I'm not in college.

Since you guys are internet marketing experts, in your opinion would Guest Blogging (Like Oni did) be enough? I also got some solid advice here like create a classified ad on WF, edit the hire me page on my site, and put 'incentives' as a call-to-action to build your list. Those were great advice but I don't know where to go from there.

People can be so vague when it comes to getting clients or making money online on some blogs. In summary, I'm gonna ask you guys again, is it possible to make $1k at the end of the March or even halfway through march. Is there any possible way for me to monetize my site? Even if my site niche is Freelance Writing, MMO and Blogging? Is there better ways to promote my services through online marketing? What other ways can I make money through my site? I was also told to provide "Review" services, that didn't make sense to me.

Here is my site for reference and insightful criticism - Site

P.S. I've also seen an advice by using Google to search for rising or bad companies/blogs that need Freelance Services. That advice is really vague. Any Freelance Writers here that can expound on that?
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