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Hail Warriors,

Here are a couple of things I already have -

1. A domain-name already registered. It was supposed to be a apparel/fashion store, but the entire plan could not work out due to supply-chain issues. So the domain is sitting idle.
2. Wordpress hosting from GoDaddy, for the same purpose as above, sucking $10 each month from my credit card.

I've been looking for ways to monetise these investments.

Now there are several amazon affiliates around such as and others.

I am seriously thinking of becoming an amazon affiliate, in specific fashion & apparel categories. As far as work is concerned, I am ready to put in hard-work on development of front-end as I have good experience in Web-design. The quality I desire for my store is top-notch, something like wirecutter has.

However, the advise that I require are as follows -

1. Amazon has tons of thousands of products in fashion/apparel categories, how do I go about automating or at least expedite the process of displaying the top ones on my storefront.
2. Are there any tools/plugins available which would enable me fasten the entire process.

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    I'm sure a programmer can help you with this. Try searching google and if you can't find one, list what you need and look for someone who can do it at

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    Sent you a pm
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      Hey ASG1123 there are a few paid resources that you can definitely check out that will help you to build up your sites with Amazon Products:

      1) Fresh Store Builder - this is a PHP Script that creates an Amazon Store based on your Desired Categories and it even auto-populates the items as well as update the prices for you. You can use your WordPress Blog site to run content to boost your traffic

      2) Those famous Azon Autoblogging Plugins like Associate Goliath and WP Amaniche which you can install on your WordPress blog and automate the process of populating your site with Amazon Products.

      As these solutions are currently used by many marketers... you have to learn of other ways to stand out from this crowd - e.g. quality content, social sites or even video marketing!
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