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Think big, I think there a lots of us here at the WF that get too narrow minded myself included we focus too hard on individual ideas or if you want to call methods of making money online that some of us never make money online because of the tunnel vision of "making money online" Wow make money online you have to be a special person with gurus abilities to make money online, the fact of the matter is, it is a lot simpler than most people think it to be, for example there affiliate programs out there that will pay from $1.00 to $28 or more just for a lead, and that lead could be just a name and email address or an actual purchase of a product.

There are lots of different methods of creating on online business and if you really think about what else is the internet for anymore, why do companies and corporations build promote and drive traffic to their websites? Well it's to grow their bottom line, why else would CNN put up a website-it's to earn viewers and advertising dollars, the CEO's at CNN don't think of it as making money online it's a business not a fly by night whim of an idea that they can make money online.

Once you absorb the words "making money online" and realize that this is a business not fun project to do on the weekends (although it can be later when your business is successful) you can get past the notion and fear of making money online and start making money online.

The bottom line is you can make money online it does take and effort on your part, you have to keep working, keep moving forward, keep getting up every time you get knocked down and you will have success I guarantee it, did you read that -you are guaranteed success, so think big broaden your horizon look at what others websites are promoting -type a niche related keyword into Google look to see who is promoting that niche. Get yours self and domain and some hosting write some articles or pay for a ghost writer submit those articles and send some traffic to your sites, you may be surprised you might make some money online.
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    great post, thank you for that. I think the 'keep it simple stupid' mentally is a sound one, and is too often forgotten.
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    It makes a lot of sense to think big.

    As the Trumpster said...

    "if you're going to think, why not think big?"

    Optimism combined with a solid online business plan plus strategic action equals success.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    I think many people want the money without the effort. When they realize it takes consistency and work they quit.
    As the saying goes, anything worthwhile takes effort.
    This is no different.
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