Daily Keyword Searches: How Many of Them Are Directly Attributable to Marketers?

by sree94 2 replies
Sometimes I do searches in Keyword Tracker, and I see phrases that have 5 searches per day, yet when I Google that phrase there are virtually no results.

Do you think that some of these daily searches are inflated because of marketers doing these searches themselves?
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    I personally think that all keyword tools are just guessing
    now that I've seen the free G Keyword tool.

    I used to use wordtracker and they have said that there
    are hundreds of searches per day for phrases that I am #1
    for yet my results didn't show it.

    Then I put the same phrases into Google's tool and it confirms
    why my traffic is low.

    I'll never use another keyword tool again.

    That's just my personal opinion
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    I asked the same question a few years ago when I started keyword research. The answer is YES and NO. There is no way to tell. The only thing you can do is to try as best as you can to confirm your results with other sources and to test.

    Hope that helps

    “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.” W.Blake
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