How to prevent site slowdown when Getresponse is down

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Just wondering if anyone else has been noticing how much slower their sites are running when getresponse is down if they have a webform script on their page. (I'm assuming aweber customers are having the same site load problem with aweber down as well)

Right now my site stops loading and just says :"waiting for apps.getresponse..." for about 10 seconds or so, meanwhile nothing below the level of the webform will load on the browser.

Was wondering if anyone knew a solution to for instance, ensure that the whole page loads first before the webform loads (ideally)? Or to shorten the period of time to wait for getresponse to reply?

I use wordpress, so I wouldn't mind having a plugin to handle this, or some code would be awesome as well if anyone has any ideas.

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    To counteract this with AWeber I was advised to always load their webform using the full html option rather than the javascript link. This would probably be the same for GetResponse.
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    That makes sense. Javascript has to be compiled while HTML is WYSIWYG, and would take less time for a computer to process.
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    Html code is the way to go. i was using the API method and that has some issues too. but The html code loaded perfectly even while getrepsonse was down.
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    Having Html instead might help but if the service is down then the service is down and you won't get any sign ups. It is much better to simply get a secondary service which you can quickly plug into your website. Specially if you are doing a launch or have a lot of subscribers coming in. As soon as you know that an attack is taking place, then simply switch to your back up. There are plenty of cheap back ups out there. After what happened this week with Aweber and Getresposne - I definitely recommend it!
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    Personally I have kind of an example of just copying the html.... but you don't need all the crap they give you to do it. Just where to post the form to, the campaignID hidden field and like one other field.

    This way, I can style it myself and everything is controlled by me.

    If you wanted to get really fancy you could hire a developer to use an "AJAX" post with the form data when someone signs up, and if it takes more than x amount of seconds, send the form to your back up auto-responder.

    An ajax form post is just where it keeps the whole page from refreshing... and sends the form "asynchronously"
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    My website did not slow down yesterday when Getresponse was down.

    The form did not work but the site was running as usual.
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