I'm New...Intersting tip I just learned

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Like the title says, I'm pretty new to IM. I just started (within the last week) to promote a clickbank product using AdWords and a blog with articles, videos, etc.

I found the product that I could relate to, and one with a high gravity and and commission...but it was tricky to know where to start. Reading the forum postings here helped a ton. And this "tip" may already be mentioned here, but...

On the pitch page for the product I was interested in, all the way at the bottom, was a link called "Affiliates." There was so much free help and info here...banner ads, articles, pdf files, giveaways, product specific advice...wow. It was great to get all of this and learn even more about the product i wanted to support.

Not all pitch pages have this link I've noticed, but my "tip" is, look for it, because if it's there it might really be what you need to help move you forward.

Im still waiting for my first sale.
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