Facing MALWARE! issues with couple of my sites .. Need help

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My sites are facing MALWARE issues. One of my site (which I hardly used) xgot a phishing page added to it, and I had to take it down.

I removed its nameservers setting from Godaddy to take it down for the time being. The phishing link has now been removed by my hosting, but I fear that its still vulnerable. Another of my site (pretty new, for which still no post was added) got blacklisted and throws MALWARE notification, whenever I try opening it. Its very disappointing. Please suggest ways to avoid such issues. Are there any free ways to fix this ?

Is getting blacklisted at such an initial stage a big issue ? I read that if problem is fixed then site can be removed from being blacklisted in 1-2 weeks.

Any help is appreciated.
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    I feel your pain!

    If you're blacklisted due to the malware then you should come off after correcting the issue(s).

    I'd also suggest you, change all of your passwords (and use a random password generator for this).

    If you're using Wordpress, you should check all of your theme files, I've had hacks were code was added to my themes and it took forever to get it all sorted out. Also, work with your host to make sure your file permissions are set appropriately.

    Hope this helps.
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    I suggest you turn off the site and contact your provider in regards to the issue as stated above.
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  • Hi vdovaulthack,

    Once you have cleared the malware then install a WP security plugin and change your log in especially if it is admin as so many are still using??? Also a password that has upper and lowercase letters and numbers instead of a name or a word and save them into your Word Pad file so you can copy and paste them to log in, or as suggested, use a password generator.

    Also disable comments, another place idiots post spam using another WP plugin that does this.

    Hope you get this resolved soon.

    Stephen & Jennifer.
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