How Effective is "preselling" ?

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I have never presold my products or the products of my associates before. My emails and promotions have always gone straight fo rthe sale.

How effective do you think it is when you launch your product or decide to promote an affiliate?

Any courses that illustrate the matter? (ARM, Autoresponder alchemy?)
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    Depending on how responsive your list is and the open rate, pre-selling is an amazing tool. If you're looking for quality info on email marketing, I believe Sean Mize has a WSO on the topic and I'd search that out. He pre-sells and writes fantastic emails.
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    Originally Posted by lloydmc View Post

    I have never presold my products or the products of my associates before. My emails and promotions have always gone straight fo rthe sale.
    That is preselling.

    You tell somebody about a product and before they go to the site they have actually decided to buy.

    This is not some lame, lukewarm selling. It is hard-sell.

    If done right your conversions go through the roof.

    If you try to soft sell you will get soft results.

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    Pre selling is a good way to generate some hype for your up coming product if you have a good loyal subscriber list and who believes on you !
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    I think it works great, I'm always the highest converting affilatie when I promote something. I always get emails from the product owners asking how I'm doing it.

    It's just good framing on my presell pages
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    Preselling is not important if you are targeting buyers of the product you are promoting. God I could do a whole article on this.

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    Before clicking through to your sales-page make your customers go through a presell page where you could, for example, post some proof about solving their problem. This will make them hot and wanting to know more, so most will click to check out the offer.
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    I suppose it comes down to who is writing the copy. It the copy is good and it converts. This is a great strategy I used to use for listing new product launches in the serps where I tried and did the best I could.
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    The best preselling system that I have come across is Andre Chaperone.

    Have a look at his sites. Tiny Little Businesses — Learn by Doing

    Go through his process to get an idea of how he presells. He is very subtle but his conversions are sky high with e-mail and landing pages.

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      It can be extremely effective.

      Take the average Amazon product. You know what the product does, but in the majority of cases you are going to read the reviews. All it takes is one well-written review to get your finger snapping at the 'Add to Cart' button.

      Back in 2006 I promoted a quit-smoking product on Clickbank. The results of direct linking were very ho-hum. So I created a one page presell website where I documented my own experiences as a former smoker, spending a few thousand words describing the struggles and the benefits of stopping. The conversion rate was around five times better than direct linking.

      It is an art though. I'd recommend looking at some of David Ogilvy's basic rules as good pointers.

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    [How Effective is "preselling" ?]

    Preselling is like tilling the ground before planting the seed. If you don't till the ground (that is pre-sell), the probability of the seed germinating properly is slimmer.

    God Loves You!!

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    It is very effective as part of a content marketing funnel.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    first of all,take your product's advertisements Online throug designing your product site.
    THEN, second is that generate trafic on your site.
    then you may able to sale your product easily and effectively
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      I use a Review Page for ALL my Products that are being offered to my List.

      I thought just talking about it in a Follow up and then sending to Sales Page was sufficient.

      But I found out that getting them a little more primed by designating a whole Page for your own personal review of the Product( with Pros and Cons) increases Conversions.
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    I agree with hpgoodboy: Any communication that sends someone to a sales page is a form of preselling.

    Not mentioned yet in this thread, however, is the value of using regular communications to your list to blend go-to-the-sales-page messages with "content" emails that educate your followers to the problems they are encountering and the benefits to be gained by acquiring the solution you are promoting. Over time, your readers will start to "get it" and be more likely not only to click through to the sales page but to buy when they get there.
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    You'll also find that your conversions will be much higher if you TARGET
    people who actually want what you have to sell.

    You just need to find where they hang out and tell them about your offer.
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    I've been through ARM and am on Andre Chaperon's list (one of them) and he never uses the slow build up presell in his emails, though his presell pages are pretty mammoth.

    Most likely presells work in some niches but not others. Some prospects just don't have the attention span to read through a long presell.
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    I think everyone has some very good and unique points on preselling.

    My initial idea of Pre-selling was simply sending an email hinting at a product tomorrow while hitting some emotional points. Maybe even sharing your own personal story.

    I wish you all good luck on your marketing endeavors and thank you for your input.

    Just for reference sake, the 2 resources recommended was:
    Andre Chaperon's Tiny Little business
    David Ogilvy
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    I can also see how building trust is ultimately "pre-selling"

    Staying in your relevant content zone and providing your own personal experience can be translated to weaker form of "pre-selling" once you decide to promote a product.
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    Ask a super-affiliate what the difference is between sending to a pre-sell advertorial page as apposed to just the offer

    (even though you usually aren't allowed to)

    Answering your question: The difference is night and day

    But that's just one effective way to presell, of course
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    I hate to give you a pat answer, but you really have to test this yourself with your own traffic and offers. I will say this much, we started pre-selling (which is really about setting context and talking up the big benefits) a few years ago on a number of affiliate promos, and I don't think I'll ever direct link again.

    Even with my own products, when we drive the traffic into an article lander or a squeeze with 3 - 5 follow ups, we almost ALWAYS make more money, sometimes double over direct linking.

    Even if you aren't collecting names and building a list, driving the traffic to a landing page lets you set a remarketing cookie, meaning you can build a sort of "invisible" list and follow up with prospects, if only via a banner.

    Andre Chaperon's stuff is dynamite, and he's really perfected the art of pre-selling, both through web pages, and follow ups., awesome course, highly recommended.

    Massive targeted traffic Email Drops...

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      Treat preselling as a process, not as an event. For maximum effectiveness and conversions, consider prequalifying prospects, establishing affinity or authority, and presenting the offer as an engaging recommendation from the stronger position of established credibility.

      An excellent book outlining this marketing process which I have often recommended is: "Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition", by John Michael Morgan. It is available on Amazon.
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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        Great advice here, and great resources too. I definitely believe in preselling - attract your ideal customers through content and/or by offering them a relevant report with info they want, then presell them in the report as well as in the follow-up emails...

        Works way better than just sending them to the offer...

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    Preselling is very effective especially for new products or products that are hard to sell.
    Most of the top products have a presales page with a video and a capture page for email address
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    Originally Posted by lloydmc View Post

    I have never presold my products or the products of my associates before. My emails and promotions have always gone straight fo rthe sale.

    How effective do you think it is when you launch your product or decide to promote an affiliate?

    Any courses that illustrate the matter? (ARM, Autoresponder alchemy?)

    Direct linking (no presell) is a great way to test the market... it's also a lazy way and the way that many new people take. But if you can get good at setting up pre-sells, you'll eventually see your profits increase over time.

    Many times, at least for us, we've seen that pre-sells will lower the click-throughs, but increase our conversions. It stands as a qualifier of sorts.
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    This is really the final punch before the launch. I simply create a craze before I launch anything with my facebook, Twitter and email list and get massive response on the day of launch. You should really plan it well.

    Take care!
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    If you're getting results with this technique of email marketing, then you should stick with it. And, what is working for you might not work for others as there could be a hundred different things you are doing differently that others are not even trying. If you are telling your list about a product that you are affiliated with, then you are preselling. When you really believe in a product enough, your enthusiasm will do all the pre-selling you need, without weeks or months of lead up.
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