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As when the number of your sites increase, what do you do? Do you create separate fb page & google+ page for each site?

If we create separate pages for each site, managing them would become a problem.

What do you think is the best policy in this regard.
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    I've been struggling a bit with this too. I have 32 ecommerce stores, but not all of them have facebook/g+/twitter accounts of their own. My main stores do and I'm considering doing a few communities around topics some of stores share, but it does get hard to manage everything. Just keeping my blogs updated is work.

    I think if you can organize your sites by a common topic, you could eliminate some separate accounts. But if your niches are too separate, separate accounts might be the best way to go.

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    I guess we have two MUSTs here.
    1. You MUST have separate pages for your separate websites in order to keep your traffic targeted and visitors not confused.
    2. You MUST automate your updates routine in order to save your time and efforts. RSSGround.com or SGWsoft.com have several automatic social network accounts posters. Other tools may work as well.
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