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I started my product website about two months ago.
Got instant traffic and had 4 sales within a couple of days.
Then, nothing.
I never advertised at that time.
Having said that, their is a competitor whose domain name is reverse of my domain name.


My domain name is www.AB.whater
His domain names is www.BA.whater

I am thinking I got his traffic before he realized the mistake.

How can I find out where they are advertising?

Thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      I am not getting what you mean.

      www. AB.whater is not a valid domain name and www. BA.whater is not a valid domain name either.

      What does your domain name and his domain name to do with advertising?

      If your competitor advertises the traffic will go to his domain name.

      So, please be more specific in your question.
      my website is candleprize dot com
      his website is prizecandle dot com


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    Use Moz or Ahrefs on his domain and see where his backlinks are coming from. That should tell you how he's advertising.

    BUT ...

    I hate to ask you this question ...

    Why should anyone buy from you? What do you do, offer, target, that is in any way different than any other random ecommerce site that sells candles?

    Let me give you a good example here. Bleach is bleach is bleach. Clorox however positioned themselves as "the bleach that kills 99.9% of germs."

    Which is stupid because ALL bleach does that. It'd be like a company that sells bottled water coming out with an ad slogan that says, "Our water is wet."

    The thing is though, some people are worried about germs. Clorox very specifically and narrowly targeted those people and became a household name almost overnight because of it.

    You need to come up with some kind of "Unique Selling Proposition" (called USP for short) that separates you from anyone else that sells candles. And before you ask, "but I sell candles, how different can I be?" let me point out that bleach is bleach is bleach and Clorox managed to do it.

    So let me say this. If you can't come up with a way to differentiate yourself from your competition then you shouldn't be in the business because your competition with more money and more marketing budget and an ability to simply price you out of business ... will do exactly that and put you out of business.

    I know that none of what I just said may be welcome news, but it's true. Find a way to somehow differentiate yourself. Then use that point of differentiation in your advertising. It'll make your ads more effective AND it will mean that people that find you are likely to keep coming back.

    Hope this helps.
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    As StanHyeck suggested Moz and Ahref will help you to find links from where your competitor getting link juice. But first of all, you should find out keywords they are targeting. Use SEMRush tool for that and you will find whole keyword's list which they are targeting in PPC (of-course if they are doing) or keywords for which they are ranking in organic search results. After finding keywords you can start to build your links for those keywords.
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    How much traffic?

    It's likely that some traffic came to your site and bought, I have many sites, and a two of them only got 4 sales in 2 years, it happens as it happens, sales will be random, some traffic converts randomly.

    Now, if you are getting mass traffic and seeing no sales then you need to take a look at your landing pages, your sales message and bounce rate, and determine what is causing low conversions.

    This might have something to do with the competitor, but, that's not really the point because you will have to build your own traffic anyway, test landing pages and add placement, etc.

    But, as the other poster said, look at their backlinks if their ranking for the best kw and see if you can mimic those links.

    Hope that helps and good luck.
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