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I am based in the uk and was wondering if it is better to advertise products in dollars or pound stirling? I have never seen any products advertised in pounds, is this just because most marketers are us based? Or that most of the target market is us based? Or is it just force of habit?
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    for me using GBP is better, because im not paying conversion fees, which can take another 1-2% of profits.

    My sales page is like this..

    Buy now for only £5.99 (we also accept $ and €).
    This way when the buyer makes a paymentusing euro/$, he is paying the conversion rate, not me.
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    Originally Posted by chrisdafunk View Post

    I have never seen any products advertised in pounds,

    Maybe you have never seen any UK site.
    All sites based in UK sell in pounds.
    It depends on where you customers comes from. If they are from UK, then certainly sell them in pounds.
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    A lot of products online are sold in US dollars. I think that you should do the same thing.
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    Im from the UK and i promote to USA folks so use dollars
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    It depends upon what you are advertising and who you are targeting.

    If most of your customers are from the UK then price in Sterling. If they are worldwide then price in Dollars. That way UK/European customers get a nice surprise, as the price is less than they thought, and for other countries the amount does not rise when they go to pay.

    £5.99 in dollars is almost $10. That could put many off once they see the price in their paypal link.
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    Ideally you would always offer a local price.

    Just don't price in pounds or euro to Americans. If you offer a price in a currency other than USD to Americans your conversion rate will be awful.
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