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Hello fellow warriors,

I haven't posted anything in a while so it's a bout time i do something about it XD

Anyway, I'm developing a weight loss ebook that is a new revolutionary way to lose weight without any side effects, except looking and feeling good about your self.

Most of the research has been done by my self and tested on me. This will be a new and revolutionary way to lose weight the natural way by using some unbelievable techniques that unleash the power of your own body to help you lose weight.

My problem is this: I need to get some testimonials, is there a way i can get some testimonials or do IM's write them themselves.

As for my strategy on the marketing of this product i have chosen a domain name that I'll use to market several products from a wide variety of niches. I'm trying to avoid using AdWords (for now) untill i can use enough organic traffic to see my conversion rates. Then i plan to perhaps change the price of tje product or fit the PPC price so that i can get a proffit and still be able to use adwords at the same time.

I have allready taken all the social bookmarking sites on, I'm on Twetter, Youtube ( i plan to post some videos), MySpace, Facebook and i'm going to open a Squidoo, HubPages and a Weebly page soon. Also i intend to drive traffic from writing articles, writing on forums and perhaps some JV's or link exchanging.

I would like you to tell me what do you think of my approach. If there is something that i can do to better or different etc.

Also I wanted to note that i have decided to sell the ebook at a price of $14,99 since i feel that it's worth much more but i think that this is a reasnoble price for a book that will change your life for the better.
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    Is there a doctor or nutritionist you can get to look over your plan and get some kind of testimonial from? Someone to verify that it is a safe plan?

    I will warn you now - you do not want to write your own testimonials. Find a weight loss forum that carries a plan similar to your plan and find some people to try your ebook for a week or two.

    I recommend you get a fresh domain for the product itself.

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      well first i want to see how the product is doing.. if it does well and it earns enough a month (at least 2 - 3 sales a month) then I'll give it a separate domain.

      So far the only one to test this product was me, i tested it on myself and have dedicated my self to perfect the method. I'm no doctor, but i can see the weight scale showing 25 lb less in only one month ( this was more then 2 years ago). Since then it has passed almost 3 years and only lately I've started to gain weight since i stopped using the system.

      I don't have a problem sharing my story with the world, but i just think that people don't usually trust us marketers since some dumb mofo's that dare to call them marketers actually scam people out of their money. That's why I'd want to test out the product first on other people or have someone with some expertise to write a report on their findings about my product.


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    If you have a compelling story, I don't see why you can't use your story. Marketers are consumers too!
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    yes that is true, but i don't know if it's just me, but i tend to not trust marketers... every time i land on a IM site i tend to just go: ok, headline.... yada yada yada... oh look some testimonials.... these are probably fake.... o look, how supprising, an overpriced 20 page report that will tell me the same things as all the free ones will... and it's gonna probably try to sell me somethig inside it with some affiliate link.....

    but then again... that's just me... i am a bit of a sceptic and i always asume that it's a scame because so many people around here where i live tend to scam people....

    and all i'm trying to do is make an honest living selling something i've discovered on my own and decided to make my idea a profitable idea... I can give my story as an example, it's nothing special but it's honest.... well i appreciate the idea... i'll give it a shot... maby even give out a few copys in exchange for some testimonials etc...


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