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Got my site up last week, spent a few days making some changes to minor details such as positioning and such and added adsense on each page. I submitted my first article last week and got it approved yesterday. 37 people viewed my article in the first day and 15 followed my link to my site, many of them clicked on my ad's and I made $4.89!

I know 5 bucks isnt much but I was dancing around the room just happy in the knowledge that this IM stuff actually works. If a complete newb like me can make 5 bucks on his first day then anyone can do this.

If you dont have a site up yet, stop reading the forums and get on it. Come join my newb celebration!!!
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    Super!! Congrats!

    I remember the feeling when I made my first $2 with adsense...there are just no words to express. That's the moment you realize it REALLY works. I've never looked back since. It was a lot of work to grow my adsense income and keep it at a consistent level each month, but is pays all my basic IM bills ( hosting, autoresponder service, plr articles etc).
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    Congratulations! I'm just getting started on this forum and I'm looking forward to hearing about everything.
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    Keep it rolling. Wait until you hot $100 days.

    Many people say Adsense is dead for revenue, but that's just not true. It's not what it used to be, but it's still viable.
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    And Yes, i agree with Steven. Adsense is very much alive. But like any big boys in the play they do have their quirks. Google changes its algorithms almost everyday so you must bear with it. You might get very varying payouts on a daily basis. So put your sight on long term and you will be ok.
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    Congrats! I just recently got my 2nd check (over $100). Not much, but.... like you, I was dancin!
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    Hat's off to you! That's Super news!

    I'm just a newbie in this forum and I'm looking forward to see what every one does, how every one started to make the bucks, and mimic 'em.

    Keep on rolling!
    "Ignorance never knows; Stupidity never learns." by anonymous

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  • How much effort did it take to make that $5 and can you replicate and expand it. That's the key. Finding something that works, then leveraging it.
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      That is great, bro! Congrats!

      Am also starting on IM and have not make any sales yet

      This inspires me to work better on my off page optimization. I am up to doing some article writings now. Thanks for giving the heads up!

      More sales,
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    The sky is the limit when you tweak to full potential, keep working on it, and it will grow.
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      Originally Posted by JoshUK View Post

      That's how bif fortunes start... little by little.

      if we all focused on creating wealth, rather than getting rich quick, yor life would be better.
      That's true Josh. Some people just want it the easy way not realizing that the secret to it lays all about the hard work.

      Congrats, pal. Am sure it will be much much more as the day pass now that you have started it.
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        Congrats on the success! Build on that and keep it rolling!

        Good work.
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    hey thats great!! congrats
    I look forward to continuing updates of how your experiment is doing.
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    Congratulations, that is wonderful. Now keep on building sites and repeat that success!
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    If you can repeat that long term each day and add more sites that do the same you are way ahead of the crowd... anyway congrats.

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