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Hi folks,
there are certain factors which determine the value of a website/domain name (like age, backlinks, extension etc.)
I was looking for free domain value estimator sites.
I tried some of these but I have to say these estimations don't make any sense at all and they differ from each site...
Here are some examples:

Website Checker | How To Check A Website | Value Website
Value my domain name
Domain value
Website Worth & Domain Value Calculator - Buy&Sell Websites/Domains

The difference in site estimation is ridiculous.
I know after all nobody can tell you how much a domain is worth. Do you know some tools with good results?
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    No domain estimator has good results. Are you looking to just check the value of the domain or the whole website?
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    Estibot seems to be the fairest domain estimator tool, but it's not free (for multiple valuations i believe).

    The rest of the tools can't be trusted because they usually value the domain way too high.
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      There are no tools that do what you are asking.

      Finding out the sales prices of similar domains might help, (see DNJournal for example).
      But there are so many factors that influence the value of a domain that its difficult if you have no experience.

      You might want to ask for a valuation on discussion forum in the Domain Appraisal section, but the estimates you will receive are not always very helpful. Also, potential buyers may find your discussion at the forum, see what people are suggesting, and use these suggestions to influence how much they offer.

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    Bought these domains a while back The .info appraised more than the .com can anyone give a reason for this the .com was appraised 7.920 but the
    .info appraised by congland -a accurate domain value estimate price $15,391 just for the domain - although it could be infringement on Google trademark name , Please let me know what your thoughts are on this post !

    Looking for help on this post as I really have did my research and I don't believe it would infringe on as I have seen others with similar google part of the sub domain go for a lot of money !

    Shane Thanks for your thoughts ! and what kind of site could be built on this domain name !
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  • Okay guys, there is no tool for accurate domain appraisal. In fact nobody can tell you how much a domain is worth.
    This is the best one I 'ok' tool - but I mainly like it for the additional info I get there.
    Appraise |
    Now recently flippa introduced domain appraisal by other members. Just to get an idea of the value of your domain.
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    All of those tools are junk.

    When you can buy links, likes, views, traffic and followers, all the metrics they use to determine 'value', none of the formulas are valid.

    Find a keyword .com

    ONLY .com

    Then see what businesses pay for that term

    Any with a cpc of say 5 bucks or more and a keyword with many thousands of searches a month is worth a lot of money.

    Other than keywords, a web site has no value.

    Now a 'business' is worth something, IF the business has cash flow and social metrics are not cash flow.

    Someone has a business selling something and the sales are real, it's worth 8 times the yearly profit and 2.5 times the gross sales, see business 101.

    The problem with finding businesses with real sales, is so many 'on-line' businesses are created to do one thing, fake sales and sell to an 'investor'.

    Pump and dump.

    You can't touch most keywords .com without investing 7 figures or more. sold 40M sold 45M

    Why so much, the reason is insurance companies real businesses pay 50 bucks or more a click now with google for these terms.

    They can manipulate SE's.

    It's why google has killed many EMD's with panda and penguin since the owners of keywords can manipulate google and other SE's with minor talent.

    You want to buy a real business in the real world, its easy enough to verify sales. Say it's a bar or restaurant, they claim X dollars in sales.

    Ok show me bank statements.

    Then you go to the place on a Friday night and if you see no one there, you got a problem.

    You trying to buy an 'on-line' business, ok, show me bank statements and SHOW ME YOUR LOGS real logs with refers in them.

    If you can really read a log and understand traffic you can determine a value by how much does the site make and is the traffic real.

    The rest is smoke and mirrors, social matrics is BS IMO.

    You want to pump and dump a domain, register it, buy 10k twitter followers and 10K FB likes and buy 1M in robot traffic and then put up a bs wp blog with a few posts, then advertise it as a huge traffic site.

    99.9% of 'investors' will believe the hype.

    PT Barnum said it best.

    So unless you really understand business and logs and scams, you can easily get burnt trying to value anything with .com/net/org/us/ on it
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    With one domain that I own the value quoted on the four sites you mentioned ranges from $160 to $3,322 so I thinks this shows how unreliable they are.
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    In my opinion websites worth estimators are scam...
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    There is no such thing as a good domain value estimator. That's because each and every domain is a unique item, and the value depends entirely on your ability to fine the potential buyers who need or want the domain bad enough. A domain may be worth $5,000 to one person, but $5 to the rest of the world.

    The best way to try to determine what your domain is worth, is by analyzing the data from actual past sales of similar names. You can do this at sites like
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