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Hi all,

I am currently building a website around amazon products using their affiliate program and have some questions,

1. In UK we have to comply with UK Website law (as i understand), do you use any generic 'Privacy Policy' and/or 'terms of use' based around being an affiliate and not a direct seller?

2. I have not setup as a 'Company' Ltd or otherwise as yet, again by law I need to have a 'contact us page' and understand an email address is not enough information to have, and must have name and address, whilst the site is only displaying products am I a little reluctant to advertise my name and Home address, how do you address this (no pun intended)?

3. Eventually I would like to create more similar sites using amazon but understand I can only use 1 account for 1 website and creating another amazon affiliate account will violate there terms, have you created multiple sites using amazon and how?

4. Do you use the affiliate program in other countries, (US, Europe, Aus etc) I would eventually like to take the site into multiple countries, any advise on this would be great.

Sorry for the long winded post but after years of being part of the IM community and bouncing around from the next great thing to another and never actually sitting down and making a plan to create a good business, I have taken a week off work to dedicate some time starting one idea that will hopefully lead to developing a process and plan that I can improve and duplicate over multiple sites.

Many thanks for an and all information provided,
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    1. Do you mean the EU law on cookies? The only disclaimer you need on your site is the one required by Amazon, which says [this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program....etc]

    2. I've never heard of this that you need a name and address displayed. Where did you hear that?

    3. That isn't true. You can create as many sites as you want from 1 account.

    4. You just need to sign up to each countries Amazon program. Each country has it's own seperate program.

    Keep in mind that most products on the Amazon UK affiliate program are limited to a max £7 commission regardless of how much the product costs.

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      Hi Cooler1,

      Many thanks for your reply,

      I found the information about 'Contact Us' on this site Website Legal Requirements for UK Suppliers

      I read about the £7 max commission but hopefully amazon is just the starting point for the sites, I have other ideas to monetize but do not want to start too many things at once, just want to get one working first and move on slowly but effectively,

      Thanks again really appreciate your help,

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    Can anybody help with any of the questions?
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