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domain only,no website...
not .com/.net

how should i buy it for?

its not mainstream in terms of keywords it has in the domain,but it has pr of 5.
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    You probably shouldn't buy it at all. Just my thoughts.

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    Pagerank is faked alot or lose PR in the next update, careful when buying those. I rather spend $9 and register a new domain.
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    how can it be faked if external tools validate that pr?
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    How long there was nothing on it ? Or it is a placeholder website ?

    Open your eyes:

    PR might be fake, there are many techniques to fake PR.

    If it is real and google assigned that PR to that domain, someone could have pointed a lot of links to it and after you buy it they will be removed. Check the links, where are they from, etc.

    The domain might lose PR on next update.

    It is not required for a domain to have country specific TLD to make google put it into a specific topic/region. If there is not a competitive niche or a region with few websites it can have PR 5 but not many links pointing to it.

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    If you just to buy it and you have a project in your mind go ahead !
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    There is no such thing as a domain having PR. Website/content has PR. Without the content that earned it, the PR will vanish with the next update.
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      Yes, I think it would not be worth buying. I had a domain (and website content) that was a PR 3 and in one of Google's updates, it lost all PR and became absolutely useless to me. Very sad.

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      PR is a reflection of the websites that are linking into that page. Page rank flows from one page to the next through links.

      When you buy a domain with PR as long as the same links are coming in passing on the same PR then the PR should remain the same.

      However, pages are not ranked for a specific keyword term based on their Page rank, but rather their back link profile as well as the content on the page.

      If you are purchasing an expired domain for link building purposes then what you want to focus on is not the PR but the Page Authority and Domain Authority which are MozRank metrics. However, if you want these metrics you either have to have a Moz.com account or know someone who does.

      These metrics are calculated by the back link profile as well.

      Before I buy an expired domain I use this gig from a friend who knows a lot about evaluating expired domains and building them out for link building purposes; research any domain for you and provide a report - fiverr

      This gig will give you a full report of not only the domain and page authority but also a back link profile for the domain as well. (very important).

      Cal is totally Awesome and works fast. I almost bought some worthless domains with high PR before I found this gig and I will not buy an expired domain without running it by Cal first.

      If you are purchasing the domain not for link building purposes (to link out and help rank other sites) but rather to rank in and of itself for a keyword term based on it's PR, page authority or domain authority, I have never heard of someone doing this successfully by just purchasing the domain with it's current back link profile.

      However, I am not saying it is impossible to use it for this purpose, just haven't seen it done successfully. If the domain is a great match for the content you will be putting on it then you may be moderately successful but may still have to build up a link profile relating to the keywords you want it to rank for and not rely on the links it already has.

      Just saying!

      Hope this helps.

      ~ Jen P :}
      a.k.a. "The I.M. Sweetie"

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