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Guys what's the best place to find free (or cheap) Master Resell Rights or PLR eBooks or videos or any type of other product. I'm open to all niches.
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    Originally Posted by ackroener View Post

    Guys what's the best place to find free (or cheap) Master Resell Rights or PLR eBooks or videos or any type of other product. I'm open to all niches.
    I got some of my resources for PLR here.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you're looking for free PLR/MRR products, then you could try free PLR and Resell Rights membership sites like Resell-rights-weekly.com
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      I can vouch for Resell Rights Weekly, and several others like it offer a Free level of membership. Including IDPLR.

      Of course, with free PLR, you will find it being circulated a LOT, and so will your prospects/customers. So you might be better off looking for cheap, rather than free.

      You can go for a membership site (some offer lifetime membership packages, which can save you big over time) or other sites offer more of a shop front model, where you just buy what you need.
      Hot Topics PLR Pack - Get five high quality, exclusive reports on some of the hottest topics in IM. Complete with squeeze pages and e-covers.
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    There are quite a few of them with quality products, resell-rights-weekly.com, monthlycontent.com, idplr.com, plrwholesaler.com - and I'm a member of all these I listed.

    Resell rights weekly is the best in terms of frequent updates.

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    There is bigproductstore.com or also resell-rights-weekly.com

    My advice is to sell PLR products, because you can edit it with your own links If you do not want to edit the ebook and you are fine with the contents, you can settle for MRR.

    I personally prefer to purchase PLR because it allows me to correct mistakes and make the ebook at least in part only, mine, otherwise you will not sell anything because people have already seen many times your product, however you can change it and make it better, so you will sell it better.
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    You can check out sites like idplr.com and surefirewealth.com

    - Nizam
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    I would personally recommend against PLR.

    Your lead magnet is one of the most important things when building a list, it forms the perception your audience will have of you.

    If you have a bad lead magnet then you're going to suffer from poor open rates and a lack of engagement.

    In my experience, your lead magnet needs to be of a very high quality if you want to get massive results from it.

    A lot of people just throw out whatever they can in their lead magnet, which isn't the right approach.

    I'd suggest writing a short report yourself (you're meant to be the expert remember!), remember it doesn't have to be long. You could do Frank Kern's "Bag of Tricks" lead magnet type which is only a page long or just a checklist or list of resources.
    Or you could hire someone from a PROPER freelancing website like oDesk, seriously don't get it from Fiverr...
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    Here You Can Find Free PLR & MRR Free Products
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    I wouldn't use free plr, and I'm sure you can afford $10 or so, yes? You can buy plr ebooks in niche bundles for under $10 here at PrivateLabelRightsEbooks.org, and IDPLR.com also has a membership for around $37/3 mths.

    Another option if you can swing about $80, is to have Copy or Die write you a 10-page ebook with cover included that you could put up on Amazon. I've had clients do this and get members and high ticket sales from giving the books away free on Amazon (plus the borrowing option for KDP Select).
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    I remember getting a ton from plrwholesaler.com (non affiliated with them) that wasn't bad - in any case you can spin, rewrite, re-purpose- turn into videos -you know the drill!.
    I find it's useful to read it and then put it away and just write my own stuff in my own - very sweet - voice
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      When looking for PLR, the words cheap and free, do not belong in the same sentence as "Best". If you want the best, it will not be either cheap, or free. But, there are many really good sources that are "reasonable" in price.

      You can try master-resale-rights dot com. they are a good start, not the best bet very reasonably priced for getting started.

      remember google is your friend when it comes to searching


      Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
      ~Jack Handey~

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    LOL, this was an old post started by the op over a year ago and it was her LAST post on the WF...so I think she's no longer looking for new resources.

    ~ Rhonda White
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    Usually in life, you get what you pay for, right?

    So when you get a $2 burger- it might be okay, but it’s not going to just blow your mind.

    That $5 or $6 is probably hit or miss. Some of them will be amazing- others will be “okay”, and others will really suck.

    Finally, the more expensive, $10 burgers are the most likely to be higher quality, better tasting and fresher. Plus, you actually have a choice of how you want the meat cooked- but with McDonalds its either Cardboard or Cardboard.

    PLR is kind of the same way.

    Why do I brag all these things?

    Good question, my signature link will explain it well
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    Resell Rights Weekly is best for PLR Product. I am using since 2013. It have some great PLR product.
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