All-In-One: Top Sites To Make Money Online Without Paying Any Money/Sharing Your Credit Card Info

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Hi friends I get this question a lot from my blog readers on what are the top sites where you can join for free, no need to submit your credit card details and get paid for your effort. I also noticed that here in the warrior forum, lots of people who are new to the make money online scene has the same question.

So there you go, I hand picked some of the top sites you can sign up for free; no need to submit your credit card info; are legit and pays on time; and can earn some decent money from it.

Just to mention, I have personally worked on majority of these sites and have made money with them, so you can trust these sites.

Micro freelancing, a type of site where you can offer your services to other people. -where you can offer local gigs

Freelancing marketplaces, where you can build your portfolio and make money by working on client projects.
Elance -Has been merged with Upwork

Revenue sharing sites, here you can build your pages for free and drive traffic to them. You make money with the ads on these pages, you get a % of revenue.

Make money writing your thoughts/blogging, these sites are just like the above but they pay you for writing blogs on their platform,

Bubblews -Discontinued

Pay per click websites, here you will grab the ad codes and put them on your blog, website or forum. You make money for everytime a user clicks on your ad.

Contexual links advertising, here you can add the ad code on your site and some of the text will turn into clickable links. You get paid for these ad views and clicks.

Affiliate marketing, here you can become an affiliate and make money online. You have to promote these physical/digital goods on your website/blog with your unique tracking ID. When someone buys the product from you, you make a commission.
Commission Junction
eBay -make money by selling your stuff/ with drop shipping.

Make money with paid reviews, you can find products & services that you can review on your blog. You make money for each review you complete.

Make money with your video, by monetizing YouTube videos with adsense.

Social media that pays to use their platform

TSU -Discontinued

Make Money Selling Online Courses

Paid to click site
~Time waster but if you still want to try then I must mention,


I hope these are plenty of sites to keep you busy making money. Let me know what are some of the sites you use to make money online.

Although you don't need to invest any money on these sites, there is a learning curve and you must put some time and effort in order to have success. After that the amount you can make is just limited to how much you can put in.

Also you can check out my blog where I have explored about some more online earning opportunities:
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If you are completely new to internet marketing, you may first want to read this thread:
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