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Hi all, I'd like to ask your opinion about the following subject:

I delete the following people: unsubscribes, and inactive subscribers (who have never opened any of my emails) from non-T1 countries.

How often do you delete subscribers from your list?
And based on what criteria?

Thanks for sharing
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      Hi, for what would you delete your subscribers,how can you be sure that they never opened and will not open your emails .
      Leave them ,i personally have about 460.000 subscribers and about %10-%25 of them don't open them.Just think that they will open it one day)
      it's true, sometimes they just delete everything for months and once in a while open it.

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    I delete my unsubscribes but NEVER active subscribers who haven't opened my emails. There is no way your auto-responder company can accurately track open rates (you only send plain text emails,your subscriber doesn't have their images turned on,etc). Just because your ESP doesn't register an open from a particular subscriber doesn't mean they haven't opened your emails. Here is a great article explaining email open rates and how they're tracked, and what might be a better metric in determining the performance of your email marketing.

    What Does The Open Rate Mean In Email Marketing? - Small Business Tips and Resources-The Small Business Playbook
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