UK PayPal Top-UP card... BEWARE

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If you are planning on getting a PP topup card, be mindful of the fact
that it is run by Royal Bank of Scotland - they are not likely to go
bust, but here's a recent news report:

BBC NEWS | Business | RBS has £691m loss in first half

Pay particular attention to this part of the terms and conditions of
the PP topup card:

We are required by our regulator to inform you that the Card is an electronic money product and as such, any claims relating to it will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Nor does any other compensation scheme apply. Consequently, in the unlikely event that we become insolvent and are unable to satisfy any claims made against us for funds held on a PayPal Top Up Prepaid Card, these funds may become valueless and unusable and you may therefore lose this money.
I used to be employed in the Financial Services Industry so I am aware of how terms and conditions can affect people... I have mine, and I will be using it - I just wanted to ensure everyone is aware of the (albeit small) risk involved.
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