Access Multiple Gmail Account At A Time.

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Still now many people don't know that how to access multiple gmail account in one browser.Even we also don't even know that is there really a way to do that or not.That's why when we want to login to our another gmail account for any purpose most of the time we open another browser.

It is really kill our expensive time.Few days back I have got a solution which allow me to access multiple gmail account at a time in one browser.I am sharing it here to let them know who still don't know.

>> Source : How To Access Multiple Gmail Account At A Time In One Browser?

Using multiple email account is very important for SEO worker like me.The source I have found is impressed me but I need to know is there any other way that you people are using t access than please let me know.
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    I know of the way that you showed in the link, that has been around for awhile now but still you can only login to one at a time and just add the other accounts.

    Usually I do it the hard way and use multiple browsers, it works but just uses up more memory.
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    One of my favorite free Google Chrome extensions is Checker Plus For Gmail -

    "Get desktop notifications, read, listen, archive or delete emails without opening a Gmail tab & easily manage multiple accounts."
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    Wouldn't setting them all up in something like Outlook work too? You could receive all the emails from different accounts and then when you wanted to send an email you could choose which Gmail account to send from.

    I've never done this with Gmail but it seems that there would be no reason for this not to work. Then, if needed, you could always access a particular account through the browser.

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    Yes But You Would Still Have your main access to your main page
    the best technique is to open different accounts in different browsers Thats what i personally do and quite happy with it
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    I manage several accounts with Outlook. One of them is Gmail. No browsers attached
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    There is a better way to do this. You can add new user to Google Chrome and it will have a new set of gmail login, history, user data and everything. There will be 2 windows open but you can easily see which user you are on .

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    I agree I've been doing this for a while now since I have to open my personal gmail and my work email at the same time. All you need to do is click on your profile photo, click on add account, them log in to your account (the second one ) then that's it. You won't need to use another browser.
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    try firefox new private window
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