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To everyone!

I saw a thread on this forum that someone said he had 1,200 subscribers and it's considered small size?!
The worst part is that he said the list normally gets around 10 to 50 clicks?!

10~50 clicks out of 1,200 subscribers?!

Someone please advise. I only have slightly less than 200 subscribers. I do not wish to spend loads of money on solo ads to accumulate unresponsive unsubscribers.
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    Focus on the quality of your list, not the quantity. You can definitely make more money from a list of 200 very eager buyers than 1000 freebie seekers.
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      Originally Posted by bdpop View Post

      Focus on the quality of your list, not the quantity. You can definitely make more money from a list of 200 very eager buyers than 1000 freebie seekers.

      That's the thing.

      Quality means a lot in any business.
      Focus on buyers, hundreds of buyers are better than millions of freebie seekers.
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    It is very true that the more leads you have, the better.

    Your goal every single day is to get new and fresh flow of leads. You can not just build a list of let's say, 1000, and then stop.

    New leads are important.
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      How does one focus on the quality of the leads?
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        The easiest way is to sell your own products. If they are going to buy your stuff they are more likely to buy your affiliate offers too. Also separate those who buy OTO's from those who don't when managing your lists.
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        Originally Posted by aloeveraa View Post

        How does one focus on the quality of the leads?
        Here's a little secret:

        Leads that you get from your pay per click ads on Google/Yahoo/Bing are much better in quality then others marketing sources.
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        Originally Posted by aloeveraa View Post

        How does one focus on the quality of the leads?
        Provide your list with GREAT content. People are getting flooded with so many emails everyday. I receive 100s of emails daily and most of them with just catchy subject lines to get you to open.

        If you provide great content, your subscriber will KNOW you, It will not matter what your subject is, if you have a good relationship with your subscriber, they will open your emails and you will make sales.
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    There's a few variables man.

    No wait... MILLIONS! (The permutations are running wild in my brain).

    Here's the thing...

    If you have a bunch of low quality and untargeted subs - they won't be worth much, and they'll be unresponsive.

    But imagine if those people were ridiculously targeted, or better yet - they loved you.

    Just my $.02.

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    How does one focus on the quality of the leads?
    Mainly by how they are acquired. I get much better quality from laser-targeted PPC campaigns then from say my sig. here.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Every list is different. Some are able to pull huge profits from small lists because of the relationship and posture that they have developed.

    Their list trusts and respects them.

    Usually high ticket products are pitched and that's how small lists can bring huge profits.

    All depends.

    But if you want to grow you will have to spend money on some sort of traffic. Otherwise free methods just take too long.

    Work on tweaking your funnel system for making money on buying traffic. That's the secret sauce.
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    As others have said, it depends on how you build your list. If you are doing nothing but buying solo ads, it then depends on how the sellers built their lists. If you are buying run of the mill solo ads, you are going to need a HUGE list to get any decent response from it. You are basically playing the numbers game at that point.

    Now if you build your list from buyers lists, post sales traffic, solo ad sellers that took the time to create a high quality responsive list (I am not talking clicks, talking spending money) etc... Then your list does not have to be that large at all to get responsiveness.

    Hope that helps.

    Rob Whisonant
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    The problem with building a list is that you do not know who is a freebie seeker and who is not. Building a quality list is very easy. You just have to target the right audience for your offer.

    You would not make any money sending emails to a knitting group if your selling football products. Everything on the Internet depends on key words. So look for places to advertise using the best key words that relate to your offer.

    You don't just build one big list. You build many small highly targeted lists. I have one list that has a little over 300 people on that list. This list wants to know when I come out with a new product.

    So, every time I launch a new product, I make a ton of money from this tiny little list.

    I may have another list that that wants to know about list building products. So if the new product I create is a list building product, I send it to both lists.

    I hope you see how segmenting your lists can allow you to target the right audience.

    I may have a general Internet Marketing list that is much larger than the other 2 lists and I will probably send the offer to that list also. However, the first 2 lists will convert much better than the general list.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    1,200 is small. Real small. Have you ever tried solo ads? How did you build up your 200 subscribers?
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    1,200 subscribers is "small" if you're selling a $19 e-book but 1,200 subscribers is quite large if you're selling $45,000,000 business jets.

    And wouldn't you rather have a 1,200 person list with a 50% open rate (600 opens) over a 10,000 person list a 5% open rate (500 opens).

    I teach people all the time to use automated "list reduction" techniques to shed the dead weight, keep their costs as low as possible to keep their ROI as high as possible.

    Sell More ...Faster! CloudNet360.com

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