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ok is Craigslist Dead??

I have tried to post on there and i get flagged (ghosted) in 30 sec. So i do some research and realize no more links can be put on the site...ok.....so i do some more research and come across an article on here back from march where its said to make an image and text. so i create an image jpeg with some information and link info on it. on the bottom of the image i custom some text with a little more detail. I posted this in the jobs area for a small town so i'm not charged the 25 dollars and i also posted in gigs, both got ghosted in about 15 mins....so whats the trick to posting on craigslist...i can't find anything on posting on craigslist for 2014. Can someone give us some insight please?

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    Hey Tony, have you tried hiring CL posters on the various freelancers sites? I found a few of my people on those sites. 1 of them I found last year and has been posting for me successfully since. Give it a try.
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    I tried doing some posts and its fine. Maybe you could try a different browser?
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      Thanks for the replies.

      I understand the oursourcing part of it, much easier, however i'm the type of person that would like to learn the skill...learn it, master it, teach it....my philosophy...

      Joseph, when you say a different browser, what do you mean. I'm not seeing how a browser affects weather a post sticks or not?

      Can anyone post on how they are getting there ads to stay on craigslist this month?

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    If you have ads in the make money online niche, there is someone there who is watching your every move. ;-)

    They know when someone is posting these type of ads and their "software" will catch that right away.
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      So, from our experience in posting for our clients, here is what works best. You should not place any links or email addresses in your ad. Even trying to spell out the email or link to "outsmart" Craigslist will only increase your risk of flagging/ghosting. Now that being said, we do not post any images under the Jobs (Free or Paid) or Gigs section since it also causes flagging.

      Your best option is simple text and a phone.

      Craigslist also has instituted an auto-flagging filter software which is tripped up by certain trigger words or trigger characters commonly associated with spammers. Even such seemingly innocent practices as simple text formatting with bold and bullet points can increase your risk.

      Hopefully, the small town you are posting in is local to you (within 100 miles). If not, you should be utilizing proxies and phone verified accounts associated with that outside city.

      Craigslist has become a mine field which is the precise reason people hire services like ours and just leave it to the experts.
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