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Hi, everyone. I am new here! Can you tell me some principles in this forum? Thanks very much!
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    Welcome, Yong!

    What kind of principles are you looking for?? Rules? Tips? Tricks? Etc.?!

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    Hey welcome to the forum my friend! Hope you enjoy and learn a lot from the community.
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    Sorry we don't have principles here, we have an admin and moderators.

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    Hello, and welcome aboard!
    What do you mean by principles?
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

    You'll like it here. It's nice to see someone ask about the forum to see how it works.

    For some It takes a while to "feel comfortable". Do a lot of reading here on the main forum. Check out the other forums.

    If you are so inclined join the WarRoom and soak up things that interest you in there. If you join the War Room, be sure to read everything written by Allen Says. There is a section in there with a lot of his posts.

    George Wright
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    1. Don't stand up in a canoe
    2. brush your teeth after eating
    3. beware of the man with one eye because in the land of the blind he is the king

    I'm just kidding but you really need to be more specific, tips on what aspect of IM.

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    Welcome to the forum, @yong guoyin

    Yes there are some principles, but what I think is to be a good member you need to be calm and supportive to other community member.

    Plus you will require to see the admin posts and go through the sticky threads, as there are definitely some pints to remember when posting in premium sub forums, specially JV forum, else you are good to go ;0
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