A cheap way to get Decent Landing pages??

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I was wondering if there was a cheap way to get good quality landing pages/squeeze pages. I am willing to redo pages and test to see which works better but I am just starting out in IM and have a very very low budget. I am mostly taking the route of forgetting about making the money and learning the methods first so as in a previous thread I made my goal is to make 1000 dollars within 6 months ( very low number ).

I see people talking about spying / redoing high competitors landing pages. I have sound some nice landing pages and downloaded them / spied on them for keywords etc etc. I am now on to learning how to improve and change them up to possibly make them better.

My question is it seems spending money on art and alot of these click and drag landing pages can cost a good bit of money? Does anyone know any methods or use any tools to redo the art possibly on other peoples landing pages, or make the nice flashy landing page text? Any help or pointing into the right direction would be nice ..

Thank you in advance
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    Why not find squeeze pages you like, then hire someone on Fiverr
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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      Originally Posted by Dayne Dylan View Post

      Why not find squeeze pages you like, then hire someone on Fiverr
      I never thought of that lol

      Fiverr's a goldmine
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    Landing pages are nothing you want to skimp on. If you drive all the traffic in the world to a crappy landing page, you're losing a ton of money.
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    You should hire someone to do a unique landing page for you because you never want to copy someone else's stuff.
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    Did u try Leadpages?
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    Thank you for the advice. I don't really want to copy someones landing page but I am trying to learn and find ways to make them better. I guess the most common way for landing pages people build are from online builders or hiring people?
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    Hello there,

    If you really are on a low low budget as you say why don't you start out with WordPress and WP Lead Plus Plugin because this is as free as you can get.

    If you want something more than that go and buy the single license for InstaBuilder which is $47 (as I remember) and you will have a simple solution to create a good looking squeeze/landing/selling/etc page.

    I hope you will find a solution for your problem eventually.

    And by the way, those are drag'n'drop plugins, very easy to use.

    I wish you all the luck in the world,
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    Do a search for free landing pages and landing page templates. There are thousands available.
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    Personally I stick to optimize press. I agree with previous poster when they said you shouldnt skimp on capture/landing page bearing in mind its the first thing your prospects will see. I might have a suggestion for though GrindingHard.

    We can talk later if you want
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      Originally Posted by oWEN tEBB View Post

      Personally I stick to optimize press. I agree with previous poster when they said you shouldnt skimp on capture/landing page bearing in mind its the first thing your prospects will see. I might have a suggestion for though GrindingHard.

      We can talk later if you want

      Yes please message me when you have the time
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    So people have had better success with optimize press then authority pro 3. I was checking out some youtube videos and authority pro 3 looks very nice.. Anyone have any bad experiences with authority pro 3?
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    Hi GrindingHard,

    what niche are going for?
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    Wordstream and Unbounce has some good ones.
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    i use a template and customize landing page, you get free website and hosting lots of landing pages and you can create in a short space of time less that 2 mins... you also get lots of training and SEO help to get you even more traffic... only problem its $129 a month. you also get many other service and products which is worth the money. i guess you have to pay for the good stuff... it have ways to get it free also right now i am using the service free, but you still have to pay $129 to get started using the products and services...
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    I personally use leadpages and they have some very cool landng page templates. If you don't want to become a member you can still download their templates on their blog and hire somebody to customize them for you.
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    Browse the "Design" category at Fiverr search for "Landing page design", you will found a lot of good gigs which are providing fantastic quality landing page creation service for only $5. This is the best option for you.
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    I agree with the previous poster. You don't want to copy some else's land page or go too cheap. How many times have you looked at a landing page with a hot beach scene with a palm tree? I immediately know that I do not want to be there.
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  • Lead Pages
    10 Minute Pages
    Mega Phone by Kajabi
    OptimizePress 2.0

    Those are the best 3 sources for awesome squeeze pages.. I use lead pages and OptimizePress but the good thing about 10 minute pages and OptimizePress for that matter is once you pay you own them for life.

    Check out those three sites.


    The Tropical Entrepreneur Show is an awesome podcast! Daily interviews with leading internet entrepreneurs. In every episode the expert shares a plan to escape nine to five within 90 days. www.tropicalentrepreneur.com

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    Check out InstaTheme - The Number 1 Wordpress Theme For Membership Sites

    It's easy to use and actually work to make good looking landing pages.

    Optimize Press and Leadpages are also great.

    Then there are free WP plugins available but those need some time learn how to use them, one I tested requires HTML knowledge and is not that easy to use.


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    So no one would recommend Authority pro 3?
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    Check out Optimize Press 2 if you want a Wordpress based landing page. Its a one time payment.

    Use LeadPages otherwise its $37 per month.

    Both solutions are pretty much DIY/Click,Drag, Drop Squeeze Page/Landing page builders
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    i've used Unbounce quite a bit. It's a great tool, with simple but powerful A/B testing features (mandatory for any serious campaign).
    From 64-85% Viewers are More Likely to Buy After Watching a Product Video.
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      Fancy landing pages are for aesthetics. Yes it should look good and you can get it as a standalone html template, plugin, etc. But your content/copy/unique selling proposal/pitch should compel people to buy or sign up. (read up on Yanik Silver)

      When i started out I spent so much time trying to get the "perfect" landing page and i was wasting lots of time. I created landing pages that i thought were the best thing since sliced bread but they didn't convert... not soley based on appearance but content. I took a stab in the dark and mimic'd Joel Comm's landing page format from color, specific use of key words, very similar graphics, etc... and my signups went through the roof, ppc was lowered (due to my content) and that's when I learned its not so much the appearance but the content/usp.

      Hope this helps,

      A r t e m i s

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    I agree with some of the other post. Do not skimp on your landing page make sure it looks great. There are some free sources out there and some paid. Test and Tweak!

    Work Hard - Reap The Benefits

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  • Right now I use optimize press 2 but I learn lead pages are good to.
    soon people... Relax...
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    There is no magic formula for landing pages because they're always audience and source-specific. Buyers from different traffic sources convert differently, and what makes them tick will be completely different than what makes someone else tick. For example, long copy still works great for info products but that style rarely converts as well on a physical product. I've also done some split testing between landing pages where the visitor came from Facebook vs. a keyword search (PPC, targeting specific words so the results weren't skewed by organic traffic) and found that visitors from Facebook convert differently than visitors who were searching for a solution to a problem.

    There is no such thing as a "cheap landing page that works" - you need to test and re-test on an ongoing basis by driving ONLY targeted buyer traffic and changing variables on-page to determine what's working. Don't skimp on this... I have landing pages that convert as high as 15% while the traditional pages on the same site only convert at 1-2%. But simply copying that format might not work for a different product.

    Ron Rule

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    I almost hate to say this but the "2012" theme from wordpress is my new fav. Its already mobile optimized and its so easy to customize. Plus it's simple in design, not distracting from the content. The sites I am using seem to do very well in terms of conversions. I have all but done away with fancy sliders and other distractions because that is precisely what they are: distractions that take away from the content you want to sell.
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    Getresponce have just introduced a new squeeze page design facility that is a lot better than it was before and you need little skills to build great pages.
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  • Why don't you use footprints to search similar landing pages?
    write in google:
    your keyword "powered by optimizepress"

    and you'll find optimizepress landing page, you can use this trick with every keyword you want and it works in every language.
    You can use this trick also with instabuilder and other plugins for wordpress.
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