Google Authorship Issue (photo not showing in search engine)

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Hey Warriors,

I'm having problems Google Authorship markup (getting my photo to appear in the search results of Google). i have literally tried everything I could think and followed all the right steps. Put the Google plus author link on my website and added website to contributor on Google plus page, etc.

I have went ahead and checked the using using the structured data testing tool and my photo appear fine there.

About 6 months ago I told Hostgator that I wanted to change the url of my website so they transferred all the files to the new domain and I allowed the old domain to expire. The thing is Google authorship was working fine from the old domain but for some reason not on the new domain.

When I'm logged into my Google account and type in my website into Google's search engine, My photo shows up in the search results.

I am really confused why this is. Please help, anybody? Please see images attached.
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  • Profile picture of the author Samuel Adams
    There are many reasons the image might not be showing up.

    Google Authorship won't work when you link to a Google+ business page instead of a real profile page. And only then if you are using a recognizable photo or image (such as a real person photo not just an avatar.

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      Thanks Samuel, I have changed my photo to different one. Hope that it will show my photo in the search engines now. Fingers crossed!
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    I've heard that Google only chooses to show a certain amount of photos in the search function. For instance, you can probably do a Google search for a popular phrase and the majority of the top 10 will be connected to Google Authorship. You can see that it will show the author's name and the amount of people in their circles, but only a few of the images will actually show.

    I have no idea how Google decides which photos are worthy or not, but I think they do it for quality control. The search results would look entirely too cluttered if everyone's photo actually showed up.
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    It doesn't matter what you do, if Google doesn't think you are 'worthy' it will not show up... they wised up quick

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    Don't worry. You wont lose sales because of it. I'd be more concerned about just doing business with google.
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