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Some of you might know me from over at The Niche Blogger forums...but I'm new here so wanted to say hello!

I'm a Chicago mama with a dream of taking the family to live on a hobby farm near where I grew up in Wisconsin (yeah, I'm a Cheesehead!) Right now I work full time as well as have an Etsy shop where I upcycle wool sweaters into other stuff! I also have seven niche blogs currently active, two in the making, and would like to have 20 set up and running smoothly by October 1st. Can I do it? Time will tell!

My hubs, John, is an attorney turned stay-at-home dad, where he currently pulls his hair out on a daily basis thanks to our 2 year old daughter and 4.5 year old son. God love him, he's got more patience than me!

So, that's me! Just wanted to say hi here!
#chicago #the niche blogger #wisconsin

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