What program do you use to write eBooks?

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Hey, I've written one eBook using Microsoft Word then converting to PDF. It doesn't look particularly professional.

Any suggestions for tools/editors to make great looking eBooks?

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    I use Open Office or Adobe Acrobat, depending on what I'm doing.

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    I use Google Drive/Docs, it does a fine job or failing that Open Office.
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    google Docs too, perfect for me, easy and accessible everywhere in the world
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  • I use Scrivener.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I now use Libre Office (an offshoot of Open Office) it will do everything you ever need.
    Use only large high quality images, small ones will look crappy when viewed as a PDF

    I used to use Open Office, but had to ditch it because it kept crashing on new Windows 8 PC.

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      I've used MS Word for a long, long time and have had great results. The trick is to use a professional template (that you can modify to suite your needs) and then to save the document properly before creating the pdf.


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    I use MS Word and will keep doing so. As Steve said, format it properly before converting it to a PDF and you're set. But everyone has their own tastes.

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    MS Word again. I will just continue to roll with it.
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    I use Microsoft Word because I'm used to it but I also use Open Office because you can create free PDF files with the click of one button inside this open source software. The best part is Open office is free

    You have to edit the book to make it look really good and the font you choose has a lot to do with that. Also, putting a full page cover image at the beginning is a nice touch as well.
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    Google Drive is great. It has a Export to PDF function that's great for quickly making ebooks. Also lets you create a table of contents, bytitle and other cool stuff. Best of all, it's backed up on their servers instead of your hard drive in case it crashes or gets destroyed.
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