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Hi All.

Can anyone point me in the direction where i can find expiring domains with as much 'legit' info as possible please... I.e Age, Links,etc

Ideally not the obvious Godaddy auctions etc please as there is a lot of fake info on there...

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    You have to do this manually yourself.

    You can go to YouTube, search the videos that are in your niche, and then visit the links to see if they are LIVE or have expired. Those that are expired, you can go to Godaddy and see if you can register that domain name for your own use.

    That's how I did it.
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      I suppose that's one way of doing it, never thought of it that way.

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    Here you go Expired Domains with PR, Backlinks and more completely FREE . Get a free account and you can check plenty of great domains, including godaddy's expired domains with full info. You can also bid on a certain domain! I've used it and it's really great
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      You can also get them here: domainpeel (dot) com

      These expired domains are spam free and have DA's & PA's of 20+

      Let me know if you need any help

      All the best
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      Originally Posted by TrustedSEO View Post


      I have written some of the best tutorials on this topic. Feel free to check out my tutorials!

      Quite modest there, aren't you?

      ...And a "Top 20 SEO Blog" to go along with it. Lol....

      Actually, those tutorials are far, far from the best information out there. There are far better programs and information on this forum alone about buying domains from people with far more experience doing it.
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    Do a Google search for 'Just Dropped'. They don't supply a lot of info but show you a list of some great domain names. They aren't just coming up to expiry either, they have literally 'just dropped' so you can pick them up immediately after doing your research. A good place to start.
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    Don't waste your time with expired domains.. get a domain maturing system. You see them on WebsiteBroker all the time for sale. With that you can register domains and mature them yourself which yields a ton of 'real' traffic.. rather then the garbage and bot traffic you usually get from expired domains.

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