How to get more from only advertising on a fan site?

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My sister has been running a fan site for a young actress for the last three years or so and she has google ads on it, she was pulling in about from 300 - 1000$ a month for at least 2 years and then it suddenly stopped she's only getting about 50 - 70$ a month now and the only thing that has changed is she's getting a lot more visitors now then she did before so i'm asking what is the best way to earn money from a fan site if somebody knows then it's you guys

And i'm really sorry for my bad grammar, not my native language but i do my best.

Thanks in advance
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    Based on what you said, the traffic isn't the problem. . . it sounds like the Google ads on the site are no longer converting.

    Maybe change up the site a bit or switch some things around on the fan site is what I would recommend.

    You can get all the traffic in the world to a fan site, but if there is a problem with converting it to sales, then some changes with the site need to be made.

    Hope this helps you out!

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    I agree. Sounds like an update is order. Update the ads and make sure content is as original as possible.
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    Thank you guys i will tell her to try it.
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