What is your favorite business model?

by Tre81
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There seems to be so many different ways to branch off in the IM world that its quite a daunting task for a noobie in this industry. With that said, I see there are many successful marketers on this forum so I would love to pick you guys brains as to which model you use and why. If you could start over from scratch today, would you use the same business model that you're currently using?
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    Any business model with recurring payments coming in is my favorite one....
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    I agree with datingworld in that recurring revenue is the best model.

    Membership sites in general are great because you can create content and then sell it over and over every month in the form of a member area. Members usually only stay a few months, but there are plenty of die hard members who will stay for years - sometimes even when the price is over $100 a month - and those die hard members is where the long term profit is at.

    Throw in an great affiliate program and YOU have the formula for great success.

    Look around at all the most successful marketers, they all either have membership sites or some kind of recurring income via training, coaching, webinars, or what have you.

    Now - getting everything up and running to where sales and revenue are coming in to your bank account, that is another question entirely.

    On this same line, Doing something - even to find out you failed or don't like it - is the fastest way to get to your success. I failed for years before I saw any success and I still fail to this day. This is a part of being in marketing and Internet Marketing especially. Get past the fear of failure. Get past the fear that you are not doing what is going to work or what is the BEST.

    There is no BEST, only many options to the same goal. I just tend to think the membership way is the easiest for me.


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    I love the ebook selling model. The recurring payments in this business model comes from backend sales from customers - if you do your marketing right. Eventually it can lead into a recurring income model in the form of monthly consulting, or a "CD/BOOK/DVD of the month club" model.
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    As other's have mentioned, recurring oncome model is my favorite along with email maketing.

    If you don't want to build a membership site then i think promoting recurring income sites as an affiliate together with email marketing is also a great way to go.
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    For me, the best online business model involves you WORKING ONCE but reaping the REWARDS MANY TIMES. This involves producing digital products or setting up online software and offering it as a service.
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    A mix off different streams of income.

    From one time sales like teespring/affiliate offers to recurring referral income. Even some side websites like forums, niche sites, etc. Whatever it is, just make sure you're well diversified so you don't take a hard hit when things go sour for a particular method.
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    Choose a niche that you find interesting and solve a problem that people are willing to pay for.

    Position yourself as an authority and build a list.

    You can make a passive income through affiliate marketing and creating your own products.
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    I have explored affiliate marketing, network marketing and top tier sales since I started my Internet Marketing career full time in 2007. My wheel house is Offline Marketing, there are thousands of business owners that don't have time to learn Internet and Social Media Marketing and will pay you VERY well to manage their accounts or consult them on how to run a successful IM campaign.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    Asking a open ended question like this is most likely just going to confuse you more. Everyone is partial to what's working from them. And it all depends on what you want to do and believe you can do.

    If you want to know how the big boys do it...then follow them. Get on their lists and see what is being pitched to you. Buy a few products and look at their sales funnels, how they are set up, what's being offered, how they're priced. Look at their copy, headlines, etc...

    Find one "guru" you know is successful and learn everything you can. If they have a coaching program, join it.

    I totally agree with Fred@IncomeLabz above.

    Sales Funnel
    Email Marketing

    It's is how the biggest get that way AND it is far more sustainable as a business model than, in my opinion, anything else out there. Works for me anyway.

    Good luck! Just stick with it...
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