1000 things on the internet marketer to do list

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Just thought of a fun idea that might be useful to you as an internet marketer.
having a to do list but 1000 of them... The idea came as a result of frustration of so many things that needed to be done on my business.

So lighten up from what is not working and let's see if we can get this list to 1000 and may be..... just may be some ideas might pop up that might be useful to you.

1 Build your email list
2 Create amazing content
3 blog about what you do
4 Joint venture
5 hire someone on fiverr for tasks you are
6 Build backlink
7 Create a facebook page for your business
8 read 200 things google looks for in ranking your site by
9 market on twitter
10 track your progress with google analytics
11 Get good at writing headlines
12 Use IFTTT to automate some of your tasks but don't be annoying
13 Subscribe to the top online marketer
14 Use wordpress it is the most popular in its class
15 Write about whatever you know don't be intimidated by gurus, they are only gurus because they said so
16 Do a task before outsourcing it
17 Subscribe to Neil Patel's blog
18 growth hackertv is a collection of about 130 talks from the online marketing industry go check it out.
19 Listen to whiteboard friday.
20 To make money you have to spend money
21 Be customer centric
22 Read the four hour work week
23 Fail fast and fail forward
24 Find what you are passionate about.
25 Find a niche
26 get a twitter account
27 create a content that is off the chart
28 find your purpose: I don't mean to go Tony Robin on you but with so many competition out there you have to know if internet marketing is really for you
29 search engine optimize
30 create a website
31 unless you don't want to last, build slowly
32 attend internet marketing conferences
33 set up google alerts for your keywords
34 use long tail pro, it is amazing
35 diversify the vendor you use for hosting
36 visit lisa Irby blog: she is very down to earth internet marketer
37 Learn php programming
38 Make sure you know your target audience
39 Find out whats trending in your market
40 Know your competition and what makes you stand out

Here's 40 let's get to 1000
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