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Hi ! I am new to this website and also to this whole 'internet marketing' thing. I would like to ask for an advice on where a beginner like myself should start? Any tip and/or advice is greatly appreciated!
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    What you want to do in internet marketing space ?
    How to cross #1 Hurdle and that is TRAFFIC !...
    "Copy Paste the Proven System that helps you to earn passive income"
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    Look at building your own responsive email list.

    Start building an email from day 1 and never stop!

    Get all the information and help you can find on list building.

    And join as many F.B. groups too where you can do Swaps with so you
    can grow your lists at a much faster rate too.

    Keep it simple and stick to the plan.

    I know it sounds a bit blunt but as soon as you know the positive impact list
    building can have on your business you'll never look back.

    Not only that I've met some fantastic people through list building and have created
    some great relationships too.

    That has been one the best positives I've found too.

    The relationships you build.

    It's awesome!

    All the best,

    "Make it so today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different forever"
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    Thank you all for your answers...

    I am more interested in making connections with people ( and making it easy for other to connect with me) , than making money from my space - although i would not complain if some of the clicks transform into $. That being said, what I would really like is to be ranked "somehow" so people can find my space ( it doesn't even have to be a high rank, just enough - w/e that means ). I really don't like my current state...
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    Here's a basic plan that I used to start making $3000 a month in 29 days almost from scratch when I lost my SEO business.

    1. Build a small list of 2000 people (very easy to do).


    Get free traffic
    a) Forum marketing
    b) Guest blogging
    c) Video marketing (I had a lot of success reviewing upcoming products)

    Buy traffic – in the beginning, stick just to SOLO ADS.

    When buying solo ads:


    b) If you are on a budget, buy no more than 100 clicks at a time (they are more likely to over deliver if you buy 100 clicks compared to 1000 clicks)

    c) If you are going to buy a lot of traffic from one vendor, test their traffic first, don't buy like 1000 clicks without testing their traffic

    d) Even if you bought traffic from one vendor successfully in the past, you don't want to buy like 1000 clicks the next time you buy traffic from the same guy, you want to again, test his traffic with like 100 clicks and then, if you like the conversion rate, buy more traffic, especially, if you changed your offer. It took me $1000s to figure this one out!!!

    2. Start doing A LOT OF ad swaps

    What is an ad swap?

    Let's say I have a list and you have a list.

    I send 100 clicks from my list to your landing page and you send 100 clicks to my landing page. That's it. It's exchanging traffic.

    I use to schedule ad swaps.

    3. You email your list EVERY DAY.

    You never skip a day. NEVER EVER.

    What do you mail?

    First, here's what you NEVER DO.


    That just burns your list. All you want to do is doing as many ad swaps as possible. You schedule ad swaps and you only mail what your partners give to you.

    You exchange ALL of your traffic.

    How do you then make money?

    You have your landing page. You have your thank you page that everyone sees after they opt in. On the thank you page, you promote affiliate offers. That's where you will make all of your money from.

    4. Outsource

    Create systems, processes and manuals for everything in the business and then hire people who will do all of the work for you.

    In the beginning you want to have a call with your employees every day, then, you want to train one of them to become a manager and then you have like a 30 minute weekly call with your manager.

    That's it.

    To summarize:
    1. Build a list of 2000 people
    2. Start doing ad swaps
    3. Mail your list every day
    4. Outsource

    If you want, we could actually talk one on one if you are interested, I will give you up to two hours of my time, I will go into a lot more depth.
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    Thanks for the tips!

    Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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    Read like crazy! Then start implementing your knowledge and you'll start learning from your mistakes.

    I've made a beginners guide on my blog here. That might be a good start!

    ~ Mateen
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  • I just have one thing to you.

    You really need a reason why you want to do this.

    You know what, it is not that easy you can make "$3000 a month in 29 days almost from scratch".

    It is not possible.

    If building a big list in an easy way, don't even think about it.

    It goes slow.

    You may hear that it is quick, these are all trick.

    I really encourage you to check for a marketing coach before you get in this forum.

    I follow Terry Dean in my marketing coach.

    Getting in this place is like a market place, people are tricking you all the time.

    It is like real life.

    In school, nobody tricks you.

    I suggest a coach is like a school for you.

    Here is for advance.

    Currently on mode of looking for growing traffic. If you have an offer, contact me by email:

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    If you are new, start making fast cash first. You need to pay your bills and the next will be jump into the big tickets.
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    Can you invest money in your business?

    If not, you'll have to earn that money first. Take a catalog of your best skills and offer them as services in the various freelancing marketplaces.

    Once you have make some money doing that, you can start IM. Everything boils down to the same thing: Traffic -> Offer.

    You can bring traffic from hundreds of sources, like Social media, search engines, Youtube, forums etc.

    Set up a site on a niche you think you can work on, and has enough affiliate products to make you some money. Write and upload high quality content to your site, content that wants people to click through your text links and buy from the products you are promoting. Send traffic to this site from different traffic sources and cash in. You can also build a list from your site and promote your products and affiliate products to your list.

    This is a very basic summary, but this is what most of the IM industry revolves around. Just start doing something, and you'll find your way.
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    Choose something that you're passionate about. See if there is a market for it. Also, as they mentioned previously and this was a part where I was really stubborn. Build an email list from the start. Your success will be far faster that way.
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