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I will be marketing a book for a 2 month period. Part of the package includes making a 3 page website for the book, Social Media, Analytics & Data monitoring, Daily postings, Build a mailing/subscriber list, FB Ads, FB Insights, E-Book creation & setup (Create Space) Graphics for social profiles and site, research for blogger relationships, promotional video (still graphics with motion) 1-2 minutes, Google Adsense, research etc.

How much would you charge for all of this on a 2 month period for your fees alone? Then, how much would you recommend he spend on advertising? He said $500 a month would be perfectly fine for Ad spending which seems a bit low...
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    What you said sounds like a full time job...let's say however that it's only two hours a day.

    Web designers and the likes go for $100+/hour.

    2 hours per day * 5 business days a week * $100/hour = $1,000/week...fairly easily.

    As for what to spend on advertising...ideally whatever it takes to test, and optimize the funnel...as quickly as possible...hard to say if $500/mo would be enough.

    If the market is small...then $500 may "max it out" - but if it's large and you can capitalize on it....you'd want more.
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    I would say charge a flat fee for the site and any graphics - and an hourly rate for the rest. I think $20+ per hour is a reasonable rate for social media posts, analytics, etc.
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