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Does this domain has any potential for a niche job site? I am interested to buy this domain and build a job site.

Please share your opinions about this. Also if you own and have experience with a job board, please share about monetization potential.

Thank you.
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    I don't like the domain I'm afraid. I had to read it two or three times to work out what it even said! I'm sure with some research you could find much better options
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    The domain name has the phrase "places hiring near me". Is it not a generic phrase and applicable to everyone?


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    I think you could come up with a lot better domain name. Forget keywords. Go for a brandable domain. I had to read it several times to get what it said also. It's way too long.
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    Originally Posted by bob33229 View Post

    I am interested to buy this domain
    Personally, I wouldn't pay reg-fee for it, Bob. It's very clumsy and unpleasant. I'm sure you can do better than this.
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    personally i dont think it has a buy potential. it took me a while before i could read it well. secondly, its too long.
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    No offense but it is an ugly domain. Forget about the keywords and look for a brandable one.

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    I agree with the above sentiments - A new brandable domain would be much more beneficial. Even is much nicer.

    I'd love to see it develop into a job search app that used your location data to find local jobs nearby.

    You could charge for premium listings, and perhaps share jobs data from other sites to provide value and plenty of content.

    Zul Sadiq
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    If you must use that phrase, at least put hyphens between each word so people could actually read it.

    But I'm with everyone else on here. You can do better.

    However, from a branding perspective, the name doesn't matter all that much so as long as you can drive as much traffic as you want there.

    The name pretty much sums up what the point of the site is.

    Still, there are better names out there for the taking.

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    Don't worry about keyword for that market. Try to find something witty, short and easy to remember.
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    find jobs near is available and to my mind is a better option near me gets around 250 searches per day according to market samurai
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    Starting a job board is doubly tough because you have to customers to serve. The job seeker, and the employer. You need one to market to the other, and without much of one, you'll have a tough time capturing the other.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for your input and suggestions. I have dropped this domain from my list. However, the phrase "places hiring near me" gets over 4400 exact searches.

    My thinking was this: say you are a job seeker and looking for places hiring near you, in that case isn't it a good fit for domain name?


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