Perfect On-Page Youtube Video Optimization? tested over severl video, where to buy info?

by balves
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I warriors, today i have a question that might interest all.

I need to know if there is a WSO or post, where i can find or buy information about the perfect on-page optimization for youtube videos to rank on google or youtube.

I am talking about...
  • exact keyword density inside description.
  • how to build titles
  • anchor in channel
  • how many playlists, which name to playlists
  • how many characters in title and description
  • what kind of tags
  • what links inside description
  • software to help gather information
  • metainfo for the file of youtube video
  • subtitles with keyword and how many
  • annotations with keyword and how many
and list goes on...

is easy to find piece of information with all, but finding one single place with all, is difficult

I just want info from marketers who have tested this extensively and the info is up-to-date. Of course i will be able to buy?

Any specific WSO or software?

Thank you for your time...
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