My launch is successful (woot), what's the limit for cc/paypal for too many orders?

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Hi -

Anyone know what an approximate threshold is for "too many orders coming in at once during a launch" for high-ticket sales before paypal/merchant accounts get concerned? eg 150? 200?

I took people's advice here and contacted paypal and my merchant account provider to let them know ahead of time I'd be getting a ton of orders, so that's a first step... so far so good. I've got longterm >8 year rock-solid status with less than 2% refund/cb history lifetime, so a very clean merchant account record.



btw thx Jeff Walker and "Launch" book, you rock It is so nice to see a ton of orders coming in after a lot of prelaunch work/community buildup; the 'launch buzz' is the most exciting 'high' in IM ever. crushing it like a boss. I've been doing launches for 14 years, what's neat is trying to push the envelope and build stronger sales each launch.
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    If you are having success you should get setup with a real merchant account as fast as humanly possible..

    I started having trouble with them when I started processing around 35,000 a month US
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    Coming into this thread really late - hope you didn't have any payment processing issues!

    You're welcome... poured my heart and soul into that book. Took me YEARS to write it... glad to hear you're getting results from it!

    - Jeff
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    Hey Ken, Congrats! I don't know exactly when they get concerned and I also hope that you didn't have any Paypal problems.
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    Thanks very much Jeff ... good timing, I was recommending "Launch" to one of my colleagues in a phone call yesterday, it's on the 'must get' book list of every business person; highly recommended.

    And right, payment processing went through great without a hitch, and it was one of our most successful launches ever (now I'm trying to make time in my schedule for another trip to Bellagio in Vegas to celebrate). I did 2 sequential launches this summer (one forex, one stocks) and they both did extremely well. And that's just to internal lists, next we'll do jv-model aff launches in '15.

    There's nothing more exciting in business life, than to properly launch a new product/service and seeing all the orders flood in (ca-ching!); thanks Jeff for all the genuinely useful tips you share for how to do these the right way; your launch process is the single most valuable technique out there for IM, an authentic game changer. Thanks for all you do. And your video blog ( inspired me to create a similar one (coming soon); you're down-to-earth and share useful insights; thanks for staying relevant and helpful, it's rare.
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