Good conversion rate?

by alesh
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Hi, what's good conversion rate between Site Visits and Subscribers?

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    anything over 50% is decent imo.

    I finished my test yesterday between 2 pages, one with 46% optin and the other with a 60% which is good
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    50 - 60% using at the moment.
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      Do You mean with squeeze pages or a "normal" page with an article (or homepage) with a opt in form?
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    Squeeze pages for me with an email optin
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    Depends on your niche. Super small niches if you can find and reach them... you could probably pull conversions around 30% and above. Even more than that with a joint venture deal.

    In tough niches, expect lower conversions - except if you're doing an endorsement deal with another website owner.
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    Originally Posted by alesh View Post

    Hi, what's good conversion rate between Site Visits and Subscribers?

    A good conversion-rate between visitors and subscribers is one that enables you to build the best possible income-producing asset (the subscriber-list).

    The mistake is to try to measure it in terms of "numbers of subscribers" or "percentage of visitors opting in" and to assume that higher percentages necessarily build a better list. "The biggest list" and "the best asset" (the most income-producing list) will almost never be the same.

    I'll give you a specific example, of something I've measured in four of my nine different, unrelated niches (I think it applies to all nine of them, though I haven't proved that, because my traffic demographics are very similar, across all my separate niches, and that's actually what most of these things depend on). In each of the four niches, I split-tested the list built from a squeeze-page against the list built from an opt-in on the content-rich home page of a (small but) content-rich website. I split-tested by sending both lists exactly the same things at exactly the same times, for six months, each time. All four times, the squeeze-page built a significantly bigger list (more subscribers, higher percentage of conversions). And all four times that bigger list produced less income, had lower average open-rates and average click-through rates, and was a less valuable asset. (I didn't understand why at the time - I do now, but it's not really important to the point I'm making here).

    The point is simply that monitoring it by "the opt-in rate" or "the number of subscribers" is the wrong thing to do, in my opinion.

    It's a quantitative approach, rather than a qualitative one.

    It's more helpful to look at the opt-in process as a screen/filter, to separate out the subscribers you want from all the other traffic. You might make more money from a smaller list. You might even (like me) make a lot more money from a smaller list. They're different people (albeit with a little overlap). But first you have to be open to the possibility that conversion rates from "visitors" to "subscribers" aren't necessarily such a useful measurement or approach.

    (Here's the "TL/DR" version: I make more money and build a better business by opting in 15% of the visitors to a blog than I do by opting in 45% of the visitors to a squeeze page. I advise you not to make business decisions by measuring "conversion rates of visitors to subscribers", because it's too easy, that way, to end up with the wrong people as your subscribers).

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    I generally get between 35%-50%.

    That being said, as Alexa brought up, it's only one piece of the puzzle.
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    Focus on your ROI not your optin rate. Optin rate really means nothing at the end of the day as it has no correlation to the quality of subscribers you are getting and how much money they will spend with you.
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    Here is a screenshot I just took of my current WF test.

    1 Side bar
    2 Squeeze page
    3 Lightbox

    The best income producer thus far?


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