What to do when looking for a periodical writer?

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I was wondering what your take on this is. If looking for a writer on your niche to write for you on a regular basis, who would you look for?

1. Someone who's an expert on the niche
2. A free lancer who writes on the topic given.

I think the second option would be very affordable, but the first option sounds best.
I've been looking online for people listed inthe first option but i've yet to contact any.

What is your take on this?

Would option 1 be good only for blogging and dealing directly with your list?
Or is option 2 simply a great idea for submitting to article directories.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Maybe it's because it's 1 am i'm running on little sleep...

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    Hi Zoul,

    I think you could use both people.

    A possible issue with an expert is that they may now know how to write well. They may know what they are talking about, but are they a good writer?

    A freelancer might be cheaper, but may not know everything, but they do often times research the subject. Like you said, a freelancer might be good for article submission's to attract visitors to your really good info on your site.

    One other thing to think about...

    If your expert is offline and maybe has a store or some sort of product, then they may agree to give you good information in exchange for free advertising for them, sort of like an article signature file listing who helped give the information.

    Hope that helps,
    Joel Osborne

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