Subscribers Only Pages On Website: How?

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Hi people of the Warrior Forum,

I have a page on my website that I only want my subscribers to be able to access.

How do I go about doing that? Specific plugins, programmes, coding or methods would be really appreciated. Thank you.

I'm using aweber and wordpress.
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    The only ways I've seen people do it are the following:

    1. Create a membership site and allow only subscribers to access it. In other words, only subscribers can sign up, get their account approved, and gain access to whatever you publish within the members area.

    2. Password protect the pages or posts you want only subscribers to see and send the password to your subscribers.
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      I think you may be referring to the "exclude pages" plugin from wordpress. You simply check or un-check the box depending on weather or not you want a page to appear on your website. Then you simply send the url of the page to your subscribers so only they can access the page.

      Hope this helps
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    A real simple way would be to simply make sure that the page isn't linked from anywhere else on your site, and has a no-follow, no-index tag set up.

    Then the only way someone could find their way to the page is from a link you send them in your email series.

    Secure? No - not completely - people could pass around the link I suppose... but this is the quickest, and completely free way to do it. No plugin needed.

    I often write pages (not posts) on my site that I intend only for my list subscribers - and they are the only ones who get a link to it.

    You can select to 'Password Protect' a page or post as well - although for me this verges on the paranoid... and you'd not only give the URL to your subscribers, but the password as well.

    Keep an eye out for your sitemap plugin - it will, of course, provide the link for people if they're bound and determined to locate your hidden cache of pages...

    P.S. You can also tie your Aweber subscribers with Wordpress membership, and use a membership plugin such as S2Member, or any number of other free or paid membership plugins. It really depends on how you're using your site. The vast majority of my site isn't hidden - if I were making most of it for members only, I'd probably have not given the above advice... so take it from the view of someone who'd only putting up the occasional page for subscribers only.
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    I'm kind of hoping my subscribers will like the page's content so much that they send the link to their friends, so I would need some kind of blockage instead of a hidden URL.

    Would there be a plugin that does not require a password but just the email to access?

    What membership plugins do you guys recommend?

    Thank you
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    Do a search on the forum here, there are many threads on membership plugins available that will do exactly this.

    I am partial to aMember, but there are cheaper and free plugins that will work for you too.
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    If you have a Wordpress powered site, try looking at the Simple Wordpress Membership plugin. It's free, easy to use, and should give you what you want.
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