Could facebook ads get leads for ecommerce sites?

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Could facebook advertising help get leads for ecommerce websites - selling business snd office products for example?

Page likes surely can be found with advertising, how about leads to customers for your website? Anyone ideas how to do effective facebook advertising and how long it may take to see if it is worthwhile?

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    My experience with Facebook ads as a lead generator is it is a very slow process. I have bought tons of material and courses that promise riches from Facebook ads and have never experienced anything close It can happen, If you are patient, but my experience with Facebook ads is mediocre and I am being generous with that statement.
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    I tend to agree with paulie123. People generally do not log onto facebook to buy something. That doesn't mean that they won't, but lots of things have to be just right to cause someone to see an ad that will grab their attention enough to cause them to change what they are doing on the site to investigate. Oh, I've made some money with it, but either I'm no good at it because of a lack of patience or 'mediocre' is indeed a good word for describing the results from facebook, at least in my experience.
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      I don't think you sell a lot through Facebook. For me, Facebook is purely social. There are advertisements but it only leads to awareness not purchase. They'd rather continue scanning their news feed than read more on a product they could actually buy anywhere else but not on Facebook.
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    I disagree. May be not directly on facebook but you can surely build a list( even eCommerce sites) and prep up the subscribers to sell something.

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    you have to build a list with facebook and then sell them later on via email follow ups.

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