What's the best software for creating beautiful diagrams and charts?

by Tim555
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I'm almost finished writing an e-book and I want to start constructing diagrams and charts for it and the subsequent articles I will write in the near future. I'm thinking of buying the diagram creation software from SmartDraw but I want to be sure I'm making the right choice first.

I'm pretty big about making sure diagrams, charts, illustrations, etc. are eye-catching, colorful, and aesthetic. They can make an article ten times more interesting and understandable when done right.

Is there diagram creation software besides Smart Draw that I should strongly consider purchasing? What has worked best for you?
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    Try to use Microsoft Excel
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    I'm with Shirley on this one. Surely. I concur with Shirley.

    Also, powerpoint can create some really cool charts these days.

    My advice? Snag a Microsoft OneDrive if you don't have access to Microsoft Office, so you can use the free web app.
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    Most graphic designers would use Adobe Illustrator for this.

    It's very flexible and can create all sorts of charts and diagrams.

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    Hey Tim555, before you going throwing your money at many of the awesome paid tools and resources out there, I'd probably suggest having a browse on google "infographic maker" for example, there are many free options for you to play around with and use to create colourful charts and images that look good too


    ..is one I've used before, free, easy and looks great - no complaints!

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    +1 Adobe Illustrator
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    I prefer Microsoft Office and Adobe in some cases Photoshop will also be useful.
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      I got to this site occasionally. Not tried, but maybe worth to see it.
      it's called infogr.am
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    PiktoChart looks amazing and I may decide to use that primarily. Infogram looks good as well.

    I might use Illustrator later on but buying it just to make colorful diagrams and charts may be overkill.

    I forgot that the Microsoft Office products allow users to make great looking diagrams and charts.
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      If you are willing to spend money on a professional tool, I would ask you to look at ConceptDraw PRO. If you are dead set on open source and "free" software I would say that draw.io or any other that has been around a while.
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    I think Microsoft Excel can help you. Microsoft PowerPoint also helps to make a beautiful diagram and chart.
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