Using Visualization to attract Prosperity and abundance

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Visualization is a powerful technique you can use to activate the Law of Attraction in our lives. However, we frequently go about it in such a serious way. We meditate, we create vision boards, we work hard to create a picture in our minds of what we want our outer circumstances to replicate.

These are all good things to do, yet we often forget to include in this process a very important element. We need to infuse our visualization with strong emotions. Feelings like joy, love, enthusiasm, and gratitude send out powerful vibrations that operate like a magnet to attract whatever we desire. But how do we generate these feelings over something that's "make believe"?


By making your visualization fun and light hearted, you automatically begin to feel matching emotions. Rather than simply visualizing yourself with a new car, visualize yourself driving off and having a blast!!! If you're visualizing the partner of your dreams, visualize yourself laughing and having fun together over something really silly.

This exercise is great to do anytime. I do this often after meditation, listening to Creative Flow, the gratitude exercise music and sometimes to some of my own personal, favourite choices of music. Happiness and joy to you
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    That is very true!

    Most people who apply the Law of Attaction completely forget to infuse their visualizations with emotion. The feeling is actually even more important than the actual visualization

    Thanks for posting this here!
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  • I believe that visualization and the secret is so vital! I use visualization with anything that I am wanting. Just envisioning myself having that desire in my hands is the biggest motivator for me to go out and get it. Not only that, I know that through the law of attraction, I am able to attract whatever it is I need.

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    Mixing Emotion into Visualizing is one of the key's.

    Another Key is:

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    because there is little difference in your memory between real or imagined events ...

    the critical part of visualization.. is to simulate the experience of having ..and avoid the feeling of wanting .

    i watched a you tube ..about a former million air who had one of the first gps tracking systems for cars..but lost everything when the economy imploded in 2008 .. and his wife left he was basically living in his mobile home ..and out of money ..

    even though he needed hand out to eat..when they where interviewing him ..he said..i am really just one good business idea away from getting it all back.

    the artist has the painting in their head that they attempt to get on the canvas

    the musician has the song in their head that need to get out.

    the writer ..same..

    the architect ..the fashion designer..the chef

    without developing an ability to vizualize what you want ..even if it is just what you want for dinner ..and learning how to make it a reality .

    you stay in a mode where life will just happen to you ..versus you doing what you can do to make life happen for you or through you ..

    prosperity and abundance are condition part of nature..a forest feeds everything in the forest and expands for thousands of years ..

    humans created deserts where once forests thrived ..and its a simple process reapeted for the last 10000 years ..humans cut down the trees for building materiel and firw wood..then use the land to grow food untill the soil is depleated.. then use the land tro graze animals untill nothing can grow .

    people need wood to burn for cooking fuel today ..even if the forest is almost gone ..and most people in this world die from either resprator illness from cooking fires or illnesses from drining dirty water ..

    a problem i find with the abundance and prosperity..and manifestation..teachings based in two thing..a people do not want to step into their roles as creators of their lives..and b we value things that are limited and devalue that which is abundant.

    you don't attract abundance and prosperity..the same way if you make a good tasty lasagna don't attract a finished cooked lasagna .but you can have a recipie pop into your head..and when you buy the ingredient..most of the things can bet on sale..or what happens to me from time to time..instead of it being 2.99 a bound for the meat.. it was mislabled 29 cents a pound ..

    and the ability to turn 10 dollars in ingredients into what can be dinner and lunch for three days ..and with lasagna can taste better day two and three .

    its written in the he who hath more will be given

    if your visualization give you the feeling of having it is good

    to he who hath not more will be taken away

    if your visualization are from a point of not having and really make you feel the not having will get more not having
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      Thanks Everyone for sharing your thoughts

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